New Jersey Rapper Tripple Beanz Fatally Shot in Newark

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Up-and-coming New Jersey rapper Tripple Beanz was fatally shot in broad daylight in the city of Newark this past Friday. He was 29-years-old.

Graphic security camera footage captured two men wearing all-black approaching Beanz from behind as he was about to enter his vehicle on Avon Avenue. The pair let off several rounds of gunfire at the rapper—born Corey Thompson—from point-blank range before they fled the scene in a getaway car.

CBS New York also reported that two children were injured and an adult was killed in separate shootings that happened in Newark this past weekend as well. Joseph Miller, a Newark resident, shared his disappointment in all of the violence that has befallen his city.

“It was just Thanksgiving two days ago and it’s like y’all just forgot," Miller said. "You’re giving thanks and then this happens. I don’t understand."

HipHopDX noted that the Essex County Police Department has made no arrests yet in Beanz's murder and that the investigation is still ongoing. Despite this, since the crime took place in broad daylight, they are hoping to be able to solve the case sooner rather than later.

Tripple Beanz was a frequent collaborator with fellow New Jersey artist Fetty Wap, and would often record with him in Orange, NJ. DFG Recording Studio, where Beanz often went, shared a post to pay tribute following the shooting.

"So lost for words... 😔Our hearts are hurting bad here at DFG 😥💔Beanz man," the studio wrote in the caption. "A superstar in the making and more importantly family here. Genuinely was tryna change his life around. This was a man who WORKED and had SO MUCH TALENT 😩 This whole thing is so fucked. Tripple Beanz, we love you man and your legacy will forever live on through us and your music 🙏🏽❤️ #riptripplebeanz 👑🕊"

Beanz is survived by his daughter.