Jerry Seinfeld Reveals His Go-To Coffee Beans: 'It's Not Fancy'

Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld knows good coffee when he tastes it.

"I know all about coffee," Seinfeld exclusively tells PEOPLE while promoting his new book Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which is based off his show by the same name. "I'm very snobby about coffee. I will drink any coffee, but I'm always looking for better."

So what's his favorite? "There's a coffee that I had in Italy of this year in Naples called Passalacqua," says the Emmy winner. "And it's not fancy, it's very, very dark bean and it is gorgeous. Just really shiny dark beans. They're just so beautiful to see. And that's what I'm really into now. It's not a fancy Italian coffee, but it's really good."

The beans sell for around $20 for a 2 lb. bag. "That's the one I like right now, Passalacqua," adds Seinfeld.

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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee aired from 2012-2019 and featured Seinfeld driving unique cars and drinking coffee while hamming it up with comedy greats including Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Larry David, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Garry Shandling, Jerry Lewis, Don Rickles, Carl Reiner, and Norm McDonald. On the show, he reunited with the cast of Seinfeld, which aired from 1989-1998, and stopped by to see President Barack Obama at the White House.

For now, there are no new episodes planned for the Netflix series.

"It's unclear if there's ever going to be any more of these," he says. "I really don't know. I haven't decided. It's possible I could do more, but I think most likely not."

Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Simon and Schuster

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When he looks to what's next, Seinfeld exclusively tells PEOPLE that he could "maybe" see himself slowing down sometime soon — with one major exception.

"I would never slow down doing standup. That's my way of life," he explains. "It's not really work for me. It's just how I live. That's my favorite thing and I plan on doing a lot more of that."

"I have a movie coming out next year. And then after that, I don't know," he continues. "Then I'll be pushing 70 and then we'll see what happens."

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Seinfeld says he "never had a plan" for his future — and that's not something he intends to change.

"What fun is it to be a comic if you have a plan?" he adds.