Jerry Seinfeld Brings Back Classic ‘Seinfeld’ Characters, Takes Jab at ‘Friends’ in Promo for His Pop-Tarts Movie

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Pop-Tarts is getting back at Jerry Seinfeld.

It all started when Seinfeld directed and co-wrote a movie, Unfrosted, about the origin of Pop-Tarts. He also stars in the film, which hits Netflix on May 3.

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Unfrosted tells the (fictional) origin story of Pop-Tarts, which resulted in a race between breakfast rivals Kellogg’s and Post to create a pastry for the masses in 1963. While Pop-Tarts do indeed have an origin story, this is not it. (The idea had been percolating with Seinfeld for several years — he even made jokes about Pop-Tarts in his stand-up routine and once tweeted he was mulling over the idea of this film — but Pop-Tarts was not involved in the making of Unfrosted.)

“This really did happen in Battle Creek, Michigan, where Kellogg’s and Post were located, and they did compete to come up with this product,” Seinfeld has said. “But the rest of it is complete lunacy. … We’re going to tell you a story, but if we want to do something funny that doesn’t make any sense, we’re going to do that too.”

In a comedic digital short (written by Seinfeld) that was released Monday to promote Unfrosted, the actor-comedian meets with Kelman P. Gasworth, the (fictional) president of Pop-Tarts, in the company’s headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan, to discuss the film.

The issue? “When Jerry Seinfeld made the movie Unfrosted, he referenced 221 trademarked breakfast products without permission or proper legal clearance. This prompted a meeting,” explains a text card at the beginning.

“It’s my understanding that you neither sought nor received permission to use our product in your movie,” Gasworth tells Seinfeld.

Accompanied by the Pop-Tarts mascot, Tarty, Gasworth asks Seinfeld: “Are you familiar with the concept of trademark infringement? … You see Mr. Seinfeld, you took something of ours, and now, we’re going to take something of yours. Show him, Tarty.”

Tarty removes a blue covering from a large glass box that reveals three characters from Seinfeld.

“Schmoopie, Jackie Chiles and the Soup Nazi! My characters!” Seinfeld exclaims of the characters, memorably played by Ali Wentworth, Phil Morris and Larry Thomas, respectively.

Replies Gasworth: “They’re my characters now, Mr. Seinfeld. Tell me, how does it feel when people steal your ideas and then do whatever they want with them?

“You mean like Friends?” Seinfeld quips of another long-running, beloved comedy series.

Gasworth then says he’s created a new show, People in Pontiacs Eating Pop-Tarts, which is, of course, an imitation of Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. 

Watch the digital short below.

For its part, Pop-Tarts isn’t actually upset. The company notes that the movie is “farce, not fact” but adds that it represents “the ultimate flattery because it is fanfiction.”

Moreover, Pop-Tarts has created a limited-edition Unfrosted Strawberry “Trat-Pops” packaging (typo intentional). Fans can sign up at for a chance to win.

Pop Tarts and Jerry Seinfeld
The limited-edition Unfrosted Strawberry “Trat-Pops” packaging.

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