Jerry Lewis Gives the Most Awkward Interview

Comedian Jerry Lewis sat down with the Hollywood Reporter for its series on entertainers who are in their 90s and still working. The interview with Lewis was so bad that the Hollywood Reporter headlined it the “most painfully awkward interview of 2016.”

Andy Lewis (no relation), who interviewed Jerry, said that the 90-year-old complained about the amount of equipment and the number of assistants in his house and said he wasn’t happy with the way the shots were set up. Jerry continually gave Andy one-word answers and appeared to be extremely agitated.

When asked if he ever thought about retiring, Jerry responded, “Why?” Andy continued by asking if there was ever a moment, just to see if he could get anything at all out of Jerry, and Jerry just repeated, “Why?” When asked about any memories of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, Jerry told Andy that he didn’t want to share any with him.

Andy said it seemed like Jerry “was punishing the Hollywood Reporter by doing the interview but being as uncooperative as possible.” He continued by saying, “As awkward and funny … as the interview is, it weirdly proves the point of the entire package: 90-year-old Jerry Lewis is vital and completely engaged … almost happy — in being difficult.”

Watch the entire interview below:

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