Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Wife Reportedly Called 911 About ‘A Lot of Blood’ on Husband amid Sex Scandal

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Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Wife Reportedly Called 911 About ‘A Lot of Blood’ on Husband amid Sex Scandal

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Wife Reportedly Called 911 About ‘A Lot of Blood’ on Husband amid Sex Scandal

Becki Falwell reportedly told police that her husband Jerry Falwell Jr. said he fell down the stairs and was bleeding "a lot"

Just five days after he stepped down from his posts at Liberty University amid scandal, Jerry Falwell Jr.’s wife called police to report that he was intoxicated and bleeding in their Virginia home, according to a new report.

Becki Falwell — whose affair with a former Miami pool attendant, and Jerry’s alleged involvement, sparked controversy — called police in Bedford County on Aug. 30 to report “a lot of blood” from her husband’s apparent injuries, according to records and 911 audio obtained by HuffPost.

Becki reportedly phoned 911 around 2:30 a.m., and said that she had been in church around 11 p.m. when Jerry, 58, called her and told her he fell down the stairs and was bleeding. When she arrived home, the doors were locked, so she used a chair to break into the back door, HuffPost reported.

When asked by the dispatcher if Jerry had been drinking alcohol, Becki, 53, reportedly answered “yes,” but declined to respond when asked if he’d been drinking “heavily.”

Evangelicals often avoid alcohol, and at the Christian Liberty University, which was founded by Falwell’s pastor father in 1971, students are prohibited from drinking, per the student code of conduct.

Becki was asked about Jerry’s alcohol intake once more, and the dispatcher said that his excessive bleeding could be from drinking, as alcohol thins the blood, HuffPost reported.

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“The more I tell you the name, the more you’re going to understand why we’re not talking to you right now,” Becki reportedly responded.

Medics and emergency responders eventually arrived at the residence and found Jerry with multiple cuts on his face, including above and below his eye and across the bridge of his nose, according to the outlet.

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Dispatch logs reportedly described Becki as “not forthcoming,” and said that the “stubborn” Jerry would not allow her to take him to the hospital.

A responder reportedly said Jerry claimed to have hit his head on a trash can, and had slurred and slowed speech. The responder also noted that in the area where Jerry claimed to have hit his head, there was blood and empty alcohol containers, the outlet reported.

Becki, however, disputed the police account as reported by HuffPost. She issued a conflicting account of the night's events in a statement to PEOPLE.

"On the evening of August 30, I was visiting with a female neighbor in our remodeled guest house that we call the church when Jerry called to say he had fallen and was bleeding. I hurried home but didn’t have a key. Out of an abundance of caution and concern about my husband’s safety, I broke into our back door," she explains.

Jerry Falwell Jr./Instagram Becki and Jerry Falwell Jr.

"Jerry was on the second floor of our home and, thankfully, just had a bad cut on his face. We have a set of two small steps that lead from a closet to a bedroom and Jerry, just like I had done six months earlier, lost his footing and fell from the top step, hitting his eye and nose," Becki continues, noting how he was already in bed, but she "tended to the wound" before they both went to sleep.

"A couple of hours later, Jerry woke up with blood all over his face, pillow, and sheets. Again, out of an abundance of caution, I called 911 for an ambulance," she goes on. "Under pressure from the call dispatcher, I noted that Jerry had consumed alcohol, but I had been with my neighbor friend for hours before Jerry went to bed and would have had no way of knowing whether Jerry had been drinking. He did have some wine to relax after his fall. Alcohol was not a factor in the fall. Empty bottles were in our house because they were being saved for recycling."

"Fortunately, Jerry only received a bandage for his cuts and did not go to the hospital. Jerry was not bleeding from his ears as reported. The blood from his face was simply running through his ears because he was lying on his back. His only visible wound in the following days was a black eye. It was after 3:00 am by that time and we were both exhausted and, therefore, may have appeared to be groggy," Becki concludes. "My husband and I appreciated the presence of the police officers that evening and the work of the EMTs to ensure that Jerry was not seriously injured in the fall."

The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment when reached by PEOPLE.

Alex Wong/Getty; Shannon Finney/Getty; Facebook From left: Jerry Falwell Jr., Becki Falwell and Giancarlo Granda

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The incident came just days after Jerry resigned as president and chancellor of Liberty after becoming embroiled in scandal involving his wife and the former pool attendant, Giancarlo Granda.

Granda, 29, told Reuters that he had an affair with Becki, while Jerry “enjoyed watching from the corner of the room.”

Though both Jerry and Becki have confirmed her affair with Granda took place, both have denied Jerry’s involvement, and have accused Granda of trying to blackmail them, which he has denied.

“We have the strongest relationship, and Jerry is the most forgiving person I’ve ever met,” Becki told the Associated Press in August. “It’s a shame that Christians can’t give us the same forgiveness that Christ gave us.”

When news of the scandal broke, it appeared to be the final straw for Jerry at Liberty, as he was already on an indefinite leave of absence from the school following a since-deleted Instagram photo that showed him posing with his wife’s assistant with his pants unzipped.

The photo also featured Jerry holding a dark drink in his hand, though he claimed it was “black water” and was “a prop only.”

Jerry Falwell Jr./Instagram The since-deleted Instagram photo that led to Falwell Jr.'s initial leave of absence from Liberty University in August.

“That’s the only reason I resigned: because I don’t want something my wife did to harm the school I’ve spent my whole life building,” Jerry told the Associated Press. “I never broke a single rule that applies to staff members at Liberty, which I was. So I want everybody to know that.”

Meanwhile, days after Granda’s claims were published, a former Liberty student claimed that Becki was the “aggressor” in a sexual encounter that he alleged took place when he was a 22-year-old member of her son Trey’s band. Politico reported that the Falwells denied the man’s claim.

Neither Jerry nor his attorney responded to PEOPLE’s requests for comment. A spokesperson for Liberty University declined to comment.