Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Retrieve Shoes Tied Together 9 Years Ago During 'Summer We Fell in Love'

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Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are reminiscing about the summer their "love became mutual" nearly a decade later by retrieving a special memento from the early days of their relationship.

Audrey, 28, shared the story on Instagram Friday, revealing that the couple was reunited with shoes that they had tied together and left on a trestle nine years ago.

"Nine years ago I fell in love with Jeremy, after he had patiently pursued me for two years prior. The summer of 2011 was the summer our love became mutual," Audrey wrote in the caption for a series of photos and videos.

"We wanted to somehow physically mark the summer we fell in love, so we decided to tie one of Jeremy’s old Sperry Topsiders’ and one of my old running shoes together and throw them on our trestle. On the bottom of Jer’s shoe we wrote, 'Jeremy and Audrey summer 2011.' It was the day we officially started dating," she continued.

Audrey said that she still "vividly remembers" her new boyfriend at the time "kicking off his Birkenstock’s to climb half way up the trestle beams barefoot, and managing to somehow toss our shoes perfectly on this thin wire about 70ft up beneath the railroad ties."

Audrey Roloff/instagram Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's shoes

Audrey Roloff/instagram Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's shoes

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"They miraculously wrapped around the wire multiple times to ensure security. With our shoes, we had left our mark on the summer and on our trestle," Audrey continued, going on to explain that the trestle marked the place she first admitted her feelings for Jeremy, where he proposed and where she "sat beneath the morning of our wedding to pray."


"The trestle that is now the view from my parents home. The trestle on the cover of our first book A Love Letter Life. Our trestle.💗⁣" she wrote. "⁣⁣For the past 9 years they have weathered wind, rain, and even a fire! Every time we drive under our trestle on the way to my parents house, we glance up to make sure our shoes are still there👀⁣"

Audrey Roloff/instagram Jeremy and Audrey Roloff

On May 29, the duo were driving beneath the trestle when Jeremy, 30, noticed the shoes were no longer hanging in their usual spot.

Upon some investigation, Jeremy discovered that the shoes had fallen down, and once again, he climbed up the trestle beams — this time to bring the shoes back down with him.


"Our shoes came back to us STILL TIED TOGETHER!" Audrey said in her caption. "We still aren’t sure how it happened....but there is so much significance to WHEN it happened. We are honestly still processing the timing of it and so in awe of how God uses the littlest things to remind you of the biggest things. #ALoveLetterLife 💌."

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Jeremy also shared the videos of his adventure back up the trestle to his own Instagram account, explaining that the gesture of tying their shoes together all those years ago was "supposed to mark either the memory of a summer love, or the beginning of our lifelong love story."

"To our delight, they marked the latter," he added.

"We consider the timing of our ‘shoes return’ to be significant as well, for reasons we’ll share at another time," he wrote. "Remember, every day we are living the story we’ll be telling tomorrow!"

Jeremy and Audrey tied the knot in 2014, and now share two children: son Bode James, who they welcomed in January, and daughter Ember Jean, who they welcomed in 2017.