‘Jeopardy!’ to Launch Weekly Podcast Hosted by Series Producers

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“Jeopardy!” is getting a new official podcast that will give listeners behind-the-scenes access to the making of the beloved quiz show. “Jeopardy!” executive producer Michael Davies announced new initiatives for the show Wednesday on the SONY show’s site, including the podcast news, as well as schedule plans for its two new permanent hosts: Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings.

The “Inside Jeopardy!” podcast will launch episodes weekly starting Monday, August 1. Davies’ note also revealed that the EP will also be co-hosting the new podcast.

“Hosted by the ‘Jeopardy!’ producers, including me, ‘Inside Jeopardy!’ will give you all an inside look into everything going on behind the scenes at America’s Favorite Quiz Show,” Davies wrote, promising a podcast that will deliver everything from “gameplay analysis and behind-the-scenes stories, to official announcements, and special interviews.”

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Davies also teed up what to expect from the first episode:

“On Monday’s podcast, we will announce all of the contestants who will be returning for a Second Chance to become a Jeopardy! Champion,” he continued. “And I will share my vision for Jeopardy!’s future, including new developments in the areas of pop culture and sports, plans for a Jeopardy! Honors awards show and my biggest and most passionately held idea: a Jeopardy! Masters league in primetime or on a streaming platform.”

Another initiative the show will start Monday, August 1 involves the release of a daily three-minute recap of that day’s “Jeopardy!” on the website, social media and partnership affiliates titled “Jeopardy! Highlights.”

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Jennings will kick off Season 39 of “Jeopardy!” in September, and will also host the inaugural “Second Chance” competition as well as the Tournament of Champions — which will see the return of Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio, Mattea Roach, Ryan Long and more. Jennings’ hosting run will last through December.

Bialik will host “Celebrity Jeopardy!” on ABC in Primetime, taking over for Jennings in January. She will also host some new tournaments in addition to the “Jeopardy! National College Championship.”

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