‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Call Out Host Ken Jennings Over Phrase He Keeps Using On-Camera

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Ken Jennings

Ken Jennings has been frequenting a specific phrase on Jeopardy!, and viewers are calling it "annoying," taking to social media to beg the game show host to cease use "expeditiously."

The phrase in question is the acronym J.I.T., which is meant to stand for Jeopardy! Invitational Tournament, and has also been used in reporting by outlets like TV Insider. But although Jennings, apparently, isn't the only one who refers to the competition as such, internet fans of the show are taking issue with him continuing to say it on-air.

On X (formerly Twitter), a slew of the longtime broadcast's viewers didn't mince words when addressing the former competitor-turned-host about how he introduces the segment.

"Ken Jennings stop calling it the 'JIT,'" one pleaded, while another called out, "Does @KenJennings really keep saying JIT on @Jeopardy? What a terrible name for a tournament but the acronym is waaaay worst lol."

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Several more took a page out of 2004 film Mean Girls' book, taking a famous line from the iconic movie and putting a spin on it to fit the scenario: "Oh please, @KenJennings please stop trying to make “jit” happen on @Jeopardy It’s just not fetch And we miss regular competition!!!!"

A few others chimed in echoing that sentiment, writing things like "Me, yelling at the TV like a deranged person every time @KenJennings says it...," "I need Ken Jennings to stop saying 'JIT' expeditiously," and "That term 'JIT' is annoying."

Someone else inquired, "They really want to make 'JIT happen, don't they?" while an additional X user added, "i would like it if ken and anyone else on #jeopardy would stop saying 'jit'."

Chances are, Jennings will continue to use the phrase to shorten the name of the tournament, but this is definitely one way to get his attention regarding how fans feel about it!

Jeopardy! airs weekdays at 7:30 PM on ABC.

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