‘Jeopardy!’ champion Matt Amodio is now the third-highest winner ever

Matt Amodio has done it yet again. The current Jeopardy! champion won his 17th straight game on Thursday, only this time the victory officially enters his name into the conversation with the two names that are synonymous with Jeopardy! Dominance: Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer.

Amodio officially passed Jason Zuffranieri on the list, who earned his money with a 19-game win streak back in 2019. And now, Amodio is chasing two guys who both have well over $2 million in earnings, starting with Holzhauer who has exactly $1,914,616 more than Amodio.

Amodio’s victory Thursday was made especially interesting for fans because, as guest host Joe Buck pointed out during the show, for the first time in more than ten games it wasn’t a runaway heading into Final Jeopardy. And that’s because Amodio’s fellow competitor, Ruth Reichard, trailed by only $9,400. Unfortunately for Reichard, she got the question wrong and Amodio got it right, but it was enough drama to get viewers excited.