Alex Trebek's short-term replacement announced by 'Jeopardy!'

Raechal Shewfelt
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Alex Trebek had hosted "Jeopardy!" since 1984. (Photo: Tracy A. Woodward/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
Alex Trebek had hosted Jeopardy! since 1984. (Photo: Tracy A. Woodward/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Alex Trebek’s death Nov. 8 from pancreatic cancer left a gaping hole on Jeopardy!, the game show he been the heart, soul and face of since he began hosting it in 1984.

The show announced Monday that its come up with a short-term plan to move forward without him: “a series of interim guest hosts from the Jeopardy! family — starting with Ken Jennings.”

One of the most recognizable names in the Jeopardy! universe, Jennings holds the record for the longest winning streak on the show (74 games!). He also took first place in the Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time tournament in January.

Additional guest hosts will be announced later. No word if they will include Jennings’s fellow competitors on the GOAT tournament, Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer; fan favorite LeVar Burton; news man George Stephanopoulos; or any others who’ve been mentioned as potential replacements.

Mike Richards, the show’s executive producer noted that Trebek had always “wanted the show to go on after him.”

After the news broke, Jennings humbly commented, “There will only ever be one Alex Trebek, but I’m honored to be helping Jeopardy! out with this in January.”

Trebek taped enough shows to air through Dec. 25. However, Jeopardy! will air 10 of Trebek’s best shows during the weeks of Dec. 21 and Dec. 28, so the final ones he hosted will move to the week of Jan. 4. It’s unclear which date Jennings will first appear to deliver clues.

Jeopardy! isn’t the only game show Jennings will appear on in the early days of 2021. He’s set to appear alongside Rutter and Holzhauer — two other big fans of Trebek — on a new ABC game show, The Chase, when it premieres Jan. 7.

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