Jennifer Pan's brother Felix called his sister's plot to murder their parents a 'dark shadow.' Here's where he is today.

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Jennifer Pan in police interview footage, as seen in "What Jennifer Did."Netflix
  • Jennifer Pan was found guilty of conspiring to have her parents murdered.

  • Her younger brother, Felix, wasn't present the night of the staged home invasion in 2010.

  • He testified during her trial, saying that the incident was something he couldn't "hide from."

"What Jennifer Did" is a new Netflix true crime documentary that follows the fallout from a 2010 staged home invasion that left Markham, Ontario resident Bich Ha Pan dead and her husband Huei Hann Pan injured.

As the documentary recounts, the incident was actually orchestrated by the couple's daughter, then-24-year-old Jennifer Pan. After living under her parents' control as an adolescent, lying to them about attending university as a young adult, and eventually being found out, Pan conspired with her ex-boyfriend Daniel Wong to hire hitmen to kill her parents.

Pan was found guilty of first-degree murder and attempted murder and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years in 2015. In 2023, the Ontario Appeal Court ordered a retrial for the first-degree murder charge on the grounds that the judge in the original case didn't present jurors with other options, including second-degree murder and manslaughter. The appeal currently rests with the Supreme Court of Canada.

Pan wasn't Bich and Hann's only child — she has a younger brother named Felix. Here's how he was involved in her trial and where he is today.

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Huei Hann Pan and Bich Ha Pan in a photo displayed in "What Jennifer Did."Netflix

Felix Pan wasn't present the night of his mother's murder

Toronto Life, in a story detailing Pan's life and eventual crime, reported that Felix was born in 1989, three years after Pan. He lived with his sister, father, and mother in Markham, Ontario, outside Toronto. The Toronto Sun reported that Felix attended private school as a child, while Pan attended public school.

While Pan lied about attending university, forging transcripts and pretending to attend classes in Toronto, Felix studied engineering at McMaster University. The evening of the November 2010 incident, he wasn't at home, Toronto Life reported.

That evening, three men entered the Pan household, threatening Bich and Hann with guns. Eventually, they shot Bich in the head, killing her. They shot Hann in the shoulder and the face, and he survived.

Hann's recollection of the evening, once he woke from a medically induced coma, cast further suspicion on Pan. He remembered seeing his daughter speaking casually with one of the men and walking around the home unbound despite saying that she had been restrained and eventually tied to a banister. Pan was arrested after her third interview with police, and eventually, her co-accused — Wong, and the three men who entered the Pan home — were arrested in the spring of 2011, per Toronto Life.

Felix testified during his sister's trial

The Toronto Sun reported that Felix was a witness during Pan's trial. During his testimony, he said that he didn't doubt Pan's lies about attending university, and answered affirmatively when asked whether he "loved" and "respected" her.

Felix also reportedly said during the trial that he and Pan "had a closer attachment" to their mother than their father, telling lawyers that he felt like he could "talk to her about things." Things with his father were different, however.

"Dad was very old school… He was very controlling," Felix said during the trial, per the publication. "It's just the way my dad is… It's sort of like tough love."

Felix also wrote a victim impact statement that was read in court on the day of Pan's sentencing, though he did not appear in court then. According to the Toronto Sun, he said in his statement that now, when employers looked him up online, they would find information about his sister's crime.

"Like a dark shadow, this is something that I can not hide from," Felix wrote. "I lost my mother."

Toronto Life reported in 2015 that Felix had moved to the east coast of Canada. A LinkedIn account that appears to belong to him shows that he moved back to the Toronto area, and works in Markham. He does not appear in "What Jennifer Did."

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