Jennifer Lopez Reveals Meaning Behind Special Message From Ben Affleck In Her Engagement Ring


Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has disclosed that special words were etched into the engagement ring given to her by her newly wedded husband, Ben Affleck.

In her recently released interview with "Apple Music One's" Zane Lowe, Lopez recounted how the first diamond ring given to her by her then fiancé, Affleck, had the inscription "Sing" on it and the meaning behind the words engraved on her new engagement ring.

The "Hustlers" star reflected on how her first breakup with the Oscar winner in 2004 sent her into a spiral claiming she felt like she "was honestly gonna die." Ahead of the release of her new album, "This is meNow", Lopez said the words on the ring inspired a song on the upcoming record and also revealed the message behind her new project.


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Ben Affleck's Special Message To Jennifer Lopez

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During her interview on Apple Music One, Lopez revealed to host Zane Lowe that the engagement ring given to her by her newly wedded husband, Ben Affleck, had the words "Not.Going.Anywhere." inscribed on it.

The celebrity couple, dubbed "Bennifer" by fans, picked up their romance again in 2021 and got married in August 2022, nearly 20 years after their 2004 split, with the singer claiming they're much more confident about their relationship this time around.

"I remember my first diamond ring, he gave me the pink diamond ring, it said 'sing,' and this one he put 'not.going.anywhere.' because that's the way he would sign his emails when we started talking again. Like don't worry… I'm not going anywhere," the singer recounted per E! News.

The couple first exchanged vows on July 16 in Las Vegas and then in August of this year in the presence of friends and family. Also present at the ceremony were Lopez's twins, Max and Emme, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, and Affleck's children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. They had a lavish ceremony that lasted three days at the well-known actor's Georgia estate.

Jennifer Lopez Admits She Struggled With Her First Breakup With Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez's post on her Instagram page
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Relating how her upcoming record captures the moment she fell in love with Affleck and how their current stint is even better than the first, the "On the floor" singer recounted how her first breakup made her suffer a great deal for the next 18 years.

The Grammy award winner recalled the fallout being so "painful" that she "wouldn't even perform" any of the songs from "This is me…Then".

"Once we called off that wedding 20 years ago it was the biggest heartbreak of my life and I honestly felt like I was gonna die. It sent me on a spiral for the next 18 years where I just couldn't get it right, but now, 20 years later, it does have a happy ending," the pop star said.

Lopez, 53, and the actor, 50, started dating in the early 2000s and became engaged before calling off their nuptials in the fall of 2003 due to unwarranted media attention. "That was part of what destroyed us, the outside energy that was coming at us. It was hard and we loved each other," Lopez claimed per Mail Online.

Jennifer Lopez Reveals Tracklist For Her New Album 'This Is Me…Now'

@jlo This is Me … Now 1. This Is Me … Now 2. To Be Yours 3. Mad in Love 4. Can’t Get Enough 5. Rebound 6. not. going. anywhere. 7. Dear Ben pt. ll 8. Hummingbird 9. Hearts and Flowers 10. Broken Like Me 11. This Time Around 12. Midnight Trip to Vegas 13. Greatest Love Story Never Told #ThisIsMeThenAndNow ♬ This Is Me Then and Now - Jennifer Lopez

In a recent TikTok post, Lopez revealed the track list of her new project, with track 6 being inspired by the inscription on the engagement ring from Affleck.

Track 6 on the album titled "not.going.anywhere." has the power couple's beautiful love story written all over it.

"One of the songs that I wrote on the album which is on the inside of the engagement ring that he gave me, it says not period going period anywhere period," she said in her interview with Lowe.

Her New Album Is To Be Released In 2023

Jennifer Lopez

She is set to release the new album sometime in 2023, which will be her first in 9 years. It is a sequel to her third studio album, "This is me...Then," which turned 20 this November.

After releasing her last album, "A.K.A." in 2014, Lopez has since dropped popular hit singles like "Dinero" (with Cardi B and DJ Khaled) and "Us" (featuring Skrillex), among others.

On the message behind "This is me…Now", the 53-year-old pop star said it is all about "keeping the faith when it comes to love."

"If you have, like me, at times lost hope or almost given up, don't! Because true love does exist, and some things do last forever," she opined.