Jennifer Lopez Puts an End to Ben Affleck’s Pop-Star Dreams in Dunkin’s Super Bowl Ad: Watch

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Ben Affleck‘s ready to get loud, but Jennifer Lopez isn’t gonna let him do it his way. In Dunkin’s 2024 Super Bowl ad, the Oscar-winning actor-director continues his previously teased efforts to become a pop superstar like his wife, and this time, he’s roped in some seriously A-list help.

The spot picks up where the most recent Dunkin’ game-day ad left off, with Affleck getting some advice on his musical career from Jack Harlow. “I don’t think you should do this,” warns the “Lovin On Me” rapper as he and Affleck sit in a car.

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Then, in reference to the coffee and doughnut company’s 2023 ad in which J. Lo rolls up to a Dunkin’ drive-through window helmed by the actor to show him who’s boss, the Boston native responds, “Last year she came to MY work. Now I gotta show her what I can do!”

And that he does … though not as well as he thinks. As Lopez is working on her upcoming album, This Is Me … Now, in the studio, the aspiring musician barges in with Beantown heroes Tom Brady and Matt Damon — all of them dressed in matching bright orange and fuchsia tracksuits emblazoned with the name of the group and a giant crown on the chest. “Here comes the Boston Massacre! The DunKings!” Affleck declares as the group makes its entrance. “Touchdown Tommy on the keys! And he needs no introduction … my partner!”

At his intro, the Jason Bourne star and Affleck’s longtime best bud mutters, “It’s really hard to be your friend, man …”

Affleck’s track — “Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart,” features the lyrics “Don’t dunk away with my heart / Why you Dunkin’ me, girl?” — starts playing as the actor and his backup dancers show off the choreographed moves TikTok star Charli D’Amelio showed him in an earlier teaser.

As the bit ends, J. Lo looks embarrassed from her booth, while Fat Joe pops in to stare with an incredulous look on his face.

“How do you like them … doughnuts,” Damon says, completely dejected. “I’m so sorry.”

“You had to see it, but I forgive you!” Affleck tells his wife, blowing her a kiss before giving her an instruction. “Lay us on the track!”

A horrified Jenny From the Block turns down her husband, who responds with a baseball reference as he walks out: “That’s cold … You’re blinded by them pinstripes! There goes Babe Ruth!”

As Damon and Affleck walk away, the Oppenheimer actor tells his friend, “Remember when I told you I’d do anything for you? This is anything.”

Watch J. Lo’s latest dunk on Ben Affleck in Dunkin’s 2024 Super Bowl ad above.

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