Jennifer Lopez addresses fans who criticized her cocktail brand because ‘she doesn’t even drink’

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Jennifer Lopez has responded to those with a low tolerance for her new cocktail brand, Delola.

On July 4, the singer and actor shared an Instagram post about her effort to track down some bottles of her cocktail line Delola at a liquor store in Sag Harbor, New York. Including giving viewers a breakdown of her latest brand’s collection, the “Hustlers” actor addressed the critical buzz around her decision to dip her toes into the alcohol industry even though she has been vocal in the past about not drinking.

@Delola surprise pop-in at Sag Harbor Liquor Store!” she captioned the post. “Get some before it’s gone for your July 4 BBQ’s… and share your party pics with me using #DelolaLife!!!”

Lopez filmed herself from the passenger seat of a car and explained at the top of the video that she was heading into town to pick up bottles of her drink Delola after realizing she didn’t have any to serve to the friends she would be hosting for the holiday weekend.

“I realized that we don’t have any, I thought we would, but we don’t. So I’m gonna go to the store and get some,” Lopez explained. “Hopefully, they have it there. I’m really excited. I love holiday weekends. I love spending time with family and friends. Having a little cocktail.”

The singer then referenced some of the more critical takes around her drinking, noting, “You know, I know that a lot of people have been talking about like, ‘Oh, she doesn’t even drink?’ ‘What’s she doing with a cocktail line?’”

In response, Lopez noted that they were correct that, for some time, she did not drink.

“To tell you the truth, that was true for a long time. I didn’t drink. A few years back, as you will see from several photos over the past 10, maybe 15 years. I have been, you know, having the occasional cocktail. I do enjoy the occasional cocktail,” the singer explained. “I do drink responsibly. I don’t drink to get s—faced. I drink to be social and have a good time and just kind of relax and let loose a bit, but always responsibly.”

Lopez first announced the launch of Delola back in April.

A press release at the time explained that she had founded the company The House of Delola LLC, which creates “unique, mixology-level ready-to-enjoy cocktails designed for elegant, effortlessly entertaining as part of a thoughtful lifestyle.”

According to the release, the crafted cocktails are gluten-free, lower calorie than traditional cocktails and made with natural botanicals.

Speaking about the drinks in the video, Lopez explained that they each “fit my lifestyle,” mainly because they are easy to serve by pouring over ice.

The launch of Delola puts Lopez in a league of familiar faces that have seemed to take an interest in the alcoholic beverage industry. Last month, “Harry Potter” actor Emma Watson promoted the launch of her and her brother Alex Watson’s luxury gin company.

Earlier this week, actor Blake Lively faced backlash for launching a sparkling cocktail line as a follow-up to her line of nonalcoholic mixers with a post on Instagram. Users in the comments section of the promotion were quick to point out that the actor has been vocal about her distaste for alcohol in the past.

In a 2021 interview with, Lively spoke about the launch of the alcohol-free mixers noting, “I don’t drink because I don’t like the effects of alcohol, but I like being social.”

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