Jennifer Lawrence Tells Elizabeth Banks Her Personal Soundtrack Is 'Barbie Girl'

Want to have lunch with Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Lawrence? Get in line! And while you’re waiting, here’s the next best thing. Lawrence is the featured guest on the new episode of her Hunger Games co-star’s web series, “Ask a Badass,” where Banks asks her such probing questions as “What song would be the soundtrack to your life?” and “How do you feel about your hair growing out?”

It doesn’t take long for the Q&A session to turn into a mutual admiration society, with Lawrence praising Banks’ take-charge attitude — “You sound just like Harvey Weinstein on the phone!” she says admiringly — and Banks jokingly inviting Lawrence to have a threesome with Games co-star Woody Harrelson. “Woody wouldn’t! I’m his ‘daughter,’ are you kidding?… He would be horrified!” Lawrence responds.

Over the course of their conversation, we learn that Banks is Lawrence’s go-to guru for personal-care tips, and that Lawrence thinks “Barbie Girl” should be her personal theme song. (“That’s how I feel as an actress: my job just depends on what outfits I’m wearing,” she explains.) They also agree that this chat would have been better with wine —so if you’re watching the video from home, maybe pour yourself a glass first. 

It seems this song represents what Jennifer Lawrence thinks of her career: