Jennifer Garner Recalls Exact Moment She Realized Her 'Life Had Changed' After 'Alias' Success

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It's hard to believe this fall will mark two decades since "Alias" debuted on TV, shooting Jennifer Garner into a whole new level of fame! The "Yes Day" star told Access Hollywood's Scott Evans the moment she realized her life was different. "I remember being so busy I didn't realize my life had changed until I went Christmas shopping. I had my first Saturday morning off, and I'd worked all night, and I was kind of tired, and I was kind of walking into a store – and every person in the store stopped to talk to me. I'd been acting a long time professionally and never [experienced that]," she shared. Jennifer and her "Yes Day" co-star Edgar Ramirez also laughed over her hilarious Instagram presence and talked about their onscreen family. "Yes Day" premieres March 12 on Netflix.