Jennifer Garner Just Sent Pal Reese Witherspoon A Unique Christmas Gift. See The Video And Her Sweet Response

 Reese Witherspoon in Little Fires Everywhere and Jennifer Garner in Yes Day.
Reese Witherspoon in Little Fires Everywhere and Jennifer Garner in Yes Day.
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Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon’s friendship is one of the best off-screen relationships in Hollywood. The actresses show up for each other at premieres or press events, they comment on their respective social media posts, and they’re constantly gushing over each other. However, being a good friend means doing things to show your love and admiration for them, and that’s exactly what happened after Garner sent Witherspoon a unique Christmas gift video, eliciting a sweet response from Witherspoon.

The Christmas spirit is taking over Hollywood as the holiday is only weeks away. Of course, Reese Witherspoon kicked things off early by sending Jennifer Garner a direct message. Witherspoon pushed Garner to dance with the famous Radio City Rockettes given the latter’s theater background. While most friends receive big idea messages and brush them off, the 13 Going on 30 star took on the Legally Blonde star’s request and fulfilled the latter’s wish. After receiving this early Christmas gift, Witherspoon posted the sweet video on her Instagram account. Watch Garner become a Rockette for Witherspoon in the wish fulfillment video below.

Of course, Garner’s Christmas present isn’t the first time fans have seen her break out some dance moves (or lack thereof when it comes to ballet). Seeing the whole exchange between the Hollywood A-lister was just as cute as the video Garner posted. The genuine friendship between both women is nice to see in a town built off competition and back-biting. Upon posting the video, Witherspoon showed her gratitude for this special Christmas gift by writing a moving caption about her longtime friend. The Your Place or Mine star stated:

Ummm.... This might be the greatest gift I’ve ever received from this glorious, joy-seeking / dance-loving woman! Jen, you made my whole holiday season

That’s what you call true friendship. Of course, Jennifer Garner was in New York, but she didn’t have to do this for Reese Witherspoon. Like any true friend, Garner went out of her way to make Witherspoon’s wish come true. In turn, the Oscar winner was appreciative of the thoughtful gift. The women’s relationship has remained strong over the years, with Garner crediting Witherspoon for helping her through a rough time. So maybe the The Adam Project star was paying back her friend for being a real confidante.

Reese Witherspoon isn’t the only friend Jennifer Garner has showered appreciation upon in recent months. Garner shouted out Blake Lively in a fun post after paying tribute to her 13 Going on 30 co-star Judy Greer on her birthday. All in all, the Elektra star is that supportive and sweet friend everyone needs.

In the meantime, Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon are currently thriving after the SAG-AFTRA strike concluded. Witherspoon wrapped up the comedy You’re Cordially Invited with Will Ferrell before the strike commenced. Garner is currently starring in Family Switch (available through a Netflix subscription). If you want to see what these actresses are up to next, check out what upcoming 2024 movies are lined up.