Jennifer Garner uses a Britney Spears song to show off her dueling Halloween costumes: 'Boo'

Jennifer Garner shares her Halloween costumes in a funny TikTok. (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images  for The Hollywood Reporter)
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Jennifer Garner borrowed from Britney Spears for her latest Halloween TikTok.

The Alias alum, 50, took to TikTok on Friday to share a video of herself at a dining room table, set to the tune of Spears and Madonna’s song “Me Against the Music.” In this version of the dance-off track, Garner is facing off against herself in different costumes. For her first look, Garner is a ghostly bride. In the second, she appears to be channeling a character reminiscent of Winona Ryder’s goth teen from Beetlejuice, complete with black lace gloves and white face makeup.

Garner’s golden retriever also got in on the action, wearing a simple white ghost costume for the TikTok.

Garner captioned the post, “Boo,” and made sure to credit both Spears and TikTokers @robertandmay, who posted a video of themselves lip syncing to the 2003 track, for the inspiration.

The Yes Day star’s fans loved the looks. One wrote, “She always seems like the fun crafty mom that makes the best costumes for her kids every year. Comfort actress for sure.” Another added, “#timburton you see what I see. A muse,” referring to the director of Beetlejuice. A third gushed, "Love it! The dog understood the assignment!"

The mom of three kicked off her Halloween season early, posting pics of her costumes earlier this month in an Instagram Story video where she also read the spooky poem, “Three little ghostesses. Sitting on postesses. Eating buttered toastesses. Greasing their fistesses. Up to their wristesses. Oh, what beastesses. To make such feastesses!”

Garner hasn’t always gone scary with her Halloween costumes. In fact, Garner made her theory on what makes a good Halloween costume known in 2019, during a commencement speech at her alma mater, Denison University. She told the crowd of graduates, “When it comes to Halloween costumes, go funny over sexy. Why would you dress like a flirty nurse when you could be a mailbox?”

True to her word, Garner donned a mailbox costume for the 2019 holiday.

"Live your truth, people," she captioned the post showing off her look. "Happy Halloween."