Jennifer Aniston Surprises Jimmy Kimmel with Enchiladas After He Criticizes Her Friendsgiving

Jennifer Aniston Surprises Jimmy Kimmel with Enchiladas After He Criticizes Her Friendsgiving

One year after Jimmy Kimmel jokingly recommended that Jennifer Aniston cook Mexican food for her Friendsgiving celebration, the actress took him up on the challenge.

Aniston, 50, shared an Instagram post from her annual Friendsgiving dinner on Wednesday night. In the first photo, the star posed with a tray of enchiladas that she was placing into the oven, while the second photo showed a label that read “Jimmy’s F—ing Enchiladas.”

A third clip showed Kimmel, 52, laughing as he saw the tray of fully cooked enchiladas.

“Finally, someone listened to me!” he said in the clip.

Aniston captioned her post: “Ok, @jimmykimmel… here are your f*%king Friendsgiving enchiladas.”

Meanwhile, Courteney Cox commented, “I will say Jen… I loved that f*%king enchilada.”

The story behind the Friendsgiving enchiladas began during an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! from December 2018. In the episode, Kimmel and Aniston discussed her 2018 Friendsgiving celebration — which the talk show host jokingly admitted he had “a problem” with.

Jennifer Aniston/Instagram
Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

“My problem with this holiday … is on Thanksgiving I cook a lot of stuff — the normal turkey, yams or sweet potatoes, the whole deal — but at your event we had all of those things,” he said. “So then I’m making the same thing everyone had the night before, again. So in essence, you turned my meal into leftovers.”

To fix the “problem”, Kimmel suggested that the Morning Show star make something else for her Friendsgiving instead.

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“The reason we don’t have turkey the rest of the year is because it’s not that great,” he told Aniston, adding, “Maybe on Friendsgiving we could designate another special meal that we have that’s not turkey and not all of this stuff.”

Though Kimmel mused that Italian meatballs “would be a nice item to have,” he eventually settled on Mexican food as a suitable replacement for the classic Thanksgiving turkey.

“I know you love Mexican food — ‘Graciasgiving’ could be a nice thing for us,” he joked, adding, “If you start doing it, everyone will follow suit. Just like with your haircuts! Everyone gets the same hair.”

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Aniston surprised fans last month by joining Instagram with a photo of herself with her Friends costars Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry.

“And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too,” she captioned her first post, which quickly went viral. “HI INSTAGRAM 👋🏻.”