Jennifer Aniston promises The Morning Show season 3 will be extra 'juicy': 'Everybody's getting in trouble'

Jennifer Aniston promises The Morning Show season 3 will be extra 'juicy': 'Everybody's getting in trouble'

Rise and shine, UBA viewers! Jennifer Aniston is teasing what fans can expect from The Morning Show's extra spicy third season.

"It's a good, juicy one," the actress told PEOPLE. "Everybody's getting in trouble. Everybody has a secret. And everyone's just walking the line. It's a lot more sensual this year."

The celebrated Apple TV+ series, which is executive produced by Aniston and costar Reese Witherspoon, follows the chaotic — and, at times, even musical — personal and professional lives of a group of employees working for the fictional media conglomerate UBA, including its morning show anchors Alex Levy (Aniston) and Bradley Jackson (Witherspoon).

Jennifer Aniston in 'The Morning Show'

Apple TV+ Jennifer Aniston in 'The Morning Show'

The Morning Show's second season ended with several massive bombshells, including Cory (Billy Crudup) professing his love to Bradley and Alex coming down with COVID amid the growing global pandemic. Since then, the show has been officially renewed for a third season, and Witherspoon has already floated a few ideas for where she thinks the Golden Globe-nominated series could be headed next.

"If #MeToo was the center of season one and season two has so many issues but really tackles the impending pandemic, I would love to see how the world realigns post-quarantine," she told The Hollywood Reporter in 2021. "Even though that seems optimistic to say at this point, with people still dealing with the complexity of COVID and really what it's doing to different industries. But just, how the whole world has culturally shifted in so many ways; the way we communicate and work, the way we talk to each other — there's definitely a lot to talk about and tackle."

The star-studded cast will be joined on their quest by a few new faces: Nicole Beharie, Jon Hamm, and Tig Notaro. Beharie will reportedly star as UBA's newest anchor Christina Hunter, while Hamm and Notaro will play media mogul Paul Marks and his chief of staff Amanda Robinson, respectively.

While visiting The Tonight Show in March, Aniston teased Hamm's role in the series.

"Everybody has a secret. We're revealing a lot of secrets. There's definitely romance. Mr. Jon Hamm is a big one," she said. "We were excited to get him. Isn't he the nicest guy? He's this very handsome leading man and then he's got this funny — it's just so fabulous."

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