Jenna Ortega has 'Wednesday' reunion on 'SNL' with Fred Armisen; duo recreate 'The Parent Trap'

Jenna Ortega and Fred Armisen are creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky — just like the Addams Family.

Ortega, 20, stepped into big shoes as a first-time host of "Saturday Night Live" and the youngest host of the season.

The "Wednesday" star called on her Netflix co-star Armisen, a former "SNL" cast member, for support for her big moment. "I am so honored that you’re here. You’re the reason I started watching 'SNL,' actually," Ortega said during her opening monologue, before inviting Armisen to join her on stage. "My favorite sketch of all time is The Californians."

True to her "Wednesday" character, Ortega shoos away Armisen, who plays Uncle Fester in the Netflix series, before he gets too chatty.

Jenna Ortega hosted "Saturday Night Live" on March 11.

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Before the "SNL" host invited Armisen to the stage, she poked fun at her dark persona. "A lot of people assume that I am dark and twisted in real life because of these roles that I play," Ortega said, referencing her "Scream" and "Wednesday." "But I am not like that at all."

"I think there’s just something about my face when people see it and they’re like, 'Hey, let’s throw blood on that,'" she joked.

Ortega added that she isn't "scared very easily," but hosting "SNL" was a way to tackle her "biggest fear: Happy, extroverted people who are always trying to perform."

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Jenna Ortega and Fred Armisen recreate 'The Parent Trap'

Ortega also reunited with Armisen for a sketch, in which the 20-year-old was cast as the lead roles of twins Hallie and Annie in a remake of Lindsey Lohan's "The Parent Trap." (The 1961 original "The Parent Trap" starred Hayley Mills).

With Bowen Yang as the director, he instructed crew member Raymond (Armisen) to act as Ortega's body double for the notable scene in which Hallie and Annie discover they are twins after hunkering down in their summer camp cabin following a storm.

Armisen kept interjecting with inappropriate ad libs as they were shooting the scene from commenting on how "hot" Shawn Mendes is to confessing his love for "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" alum Lisa Rinna.

"Saturday Night Live" host Jenna Ortega and Fred Armisen did a remake of "The Parent Trap" in a skit.

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Eventually, the duo makes it to the part where they find old photos of their parents that match up perfectly. Only, in this remake, Ed Helms and Leslie Mann are Hallie and Annie's parents rather than Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid.

"Is this for streaming?" Raymond quipped.

He later took a sinister turn as he said, "So they just split us up? Why would they do that to us? We’ve got to kill them. If we work together, we can kill them."

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