Jenna Ortega and Aubrey Plaza Might Just Be the Next Favorite Duo After SAG Awards Moment

The 2023 SAG Awards brought several memorable moments, but it also brought together a new perfect pair.

Jenna Ortega and Aubrey Plaza — and their similar grim vibes — took the stage Sunday night to present the award for best male actor in a television movie or limited series.

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As they approached the microphone, both showcasing their iconic deadpan stare for several seconds, The White Lotus actress said, “I don’t know why they paired us up together.” To which the Wednesday star responded, “Yeah, I know, we have nothing in common.”

“We should find the people who did this,” Plaza added, before the two said in unison, “And curse their families and watch as misfortune follows their bloodline for the next seven generations.”

“OK, I see it now,” the Emily the Criminal star said in reference to why the duo was paired together, drawing laughter from the crowd.

Fans quickly took to social media following the clip to express their love and excitement for the two. Some were even hoping to see them team up for a project in the future, suggesting they would make great siblings.

Even before presenting, the duo was having fun backstage. Photographer Greg Williams captured a moment between them, with Ortega posing and Plaza making a goofy face in the background.

Ortega and Plaza were both nominated at the 29th annual ceremony: the Scream actress for best female actor in a comedy series for her performance in Wednesday; Plaza as part of the White Lotus cast, which ended up winning the award for best TV drama series ensemble.

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