Jenna Jameson Opens Up About Late Father After Marrying Wife Jessi Lawless: 'He Always Told Me I Was Gay'

"He knew me so well," the former adult film star tells PEOPLE of her father. "One of the best human beings I've ever known"



Jenna Jameson's wedding day was emotional for her on many levels.

The former adult film star, 49, wed social media influencer Jessi Lawless, 40, on May 23 in Las Vegas at Little Church of the West, the same chapel where Jameson's parents got married.

"I found the person that I truly should have always been with," Jameson exclusively tells PEOPLE.

Jameson 's father Larry Massoli died in 2010, so during the ceremony, Lawless asked her dad Andy Durham to step in and walk Jameson down the aisle.



"I was standing up there waiting for her, and I looked at the back of the church and I saw her standing there. I looked at my dad and said, 'Dad, go walk Jenna down the aisle right now,'" says Lawless.

"And he went immediately down there. I've never seen his shoulders so far back and his head held so high. He adores Jenna and Jenna adores him. They have a fantastic relationship and I'm very thankful for that as well."

Adds Jameson: "I think that it filled a little bit of a hole in my heart because of course I thought about how badly I wanted my father to see this because my dad would've been so excited."

Before Jameson lost her dad, she says the two had a very close relationship.



"He always told me I was gay. He just knew. My dad knew me so well," she says. "One of the best human beings I've ever known."

She continues: "I try to go over in my mind why I ever dated or married men, and it's selfish and bad to say, but I think my driving force were children," the mother of three continues. "And now that I've really found myself and I'm just accepting of everything that I feel inside and don't shove everything down, I found the person that I truly should have always been with."

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The newlyweds first connected last year after Jameson discovered Lawless on TikTok and started commenting on her page. They began dating in January and in April, Lawless proposed.

"We were planning on a big wedding in about a year, and then one thing led to another. We were constantly talking about how excited we were about the wedding and how it couldn't come soon enough and we had all this planning to do," explains Lawless.

"One night laying in bed, we were laughing about how things would be so much easier if we both had the same last name with bank accounts and taxes and everything else, and the conversation just went crazy real quick.  She was like, 'Do you want to just do it?' And I was said, 'Do you want to? I'm down.' So it was all planned in about a week."



The couple enlisted a Johnny Cash look alike to officiate and after the ceremony, the pair toured around Vegas in a neon green Lamborghini that they rented for the day.

"We went up to Red Rock [Canyon] and drove through there and took some pictures and we just hung out with our family and had fun," says Lawless, who is also co-owner of Savage Sip Coffee Co.

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As for how the two complement each other, Jameson, who refers to herself as "Jessi's Girl" on Instagram, says that they are "very different," but make a good team.

"I'm kind of balls to the wall and I ride the wave of my emotions," Jameson shares. "I just want what I want. And Jessi is very reserved and she thinks everything through, and so it's a good mesh for sure, because she grounds me and I set a fire under her a**."

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While the pair is enjoying every moment of newlywed life, they both feel lucky to have found their forever.

"I'm so excited because I have Jessi by my side." says Jameson.

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