Jenelle Evans returns to 'Teen Mom 2' reunion after storming off stage

On Monday night’s Teen Mom 2 reunion, Jenelle Evans returned to the couch after having a heated confrontation with Nessa Diab about Evans’s social media posts regarding Diab’s boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick.

Evans explained to Dr. Drew Pinksy that she was angry that Diab didn’t wait until after they were done filming to confront her privately.

“She couldn't wait 'til the end, 'til we were done?” she asked. “Like, I've been having so many medical issues this whole trip. The first thing that happens, I get out on stage, I get [expletive] attacked.”

Evans maintained that she didn’t know who Colin Kaepernick was, despite her anti-Kaepernick social media posts.

“Didn't he kneel at the football game or something? Well, that's what David [Eason, her husband] didn't like,” she stated. “David didn't. I was gonna say, I didn't know anything. I still don't know anything about him.”

Evans decided to go back out to the couch and face Diab.

“The only reason I came back out here was to tell you that it wasn't me,” she explained. “I have people writing this on my account for me, for ads, for those pictures.”

While Diab believed Evans may not have been directly responsible for the posts, she explained to the reality star that she has a responsibility to monitor what gets posted to social media on her behalf.

“You do have a big platform, and there was so much information that wasn't true on there,” Diab stated. “That was so hurtful to me, to my family, to so many people, because that was a false narrative. Even if somebody else posted it, we should all be accountable.”

Evans grew defensive and explained that she felt attacked by Diab and everyone else on the show. She’s had multiple issues with other Teen Mom cast members this year, and said she isn’t sure if she wants to continue filming.

“I mean, I'm just sick of everyone from this show coming, attacking me. It's everybody. It's everyone,“ she said. “You could have waited ‘til the end.”

Evans has not been a stranger to controversy. In 2018, her husband was fired by MTV after making homophobic posts on social media. He later threatened that he would sabotage filming if MTV showed up at his house.

Evans was officially fired from the show in May after Eason made headlines for shooting their family dog.

She admitted that her husband has caused issues with filming in the past, but insisted that he has apologized to producers and she believed the way MTV handled his firing was wrong.

“He called them and apologized,” Evans said. “Then he apologized like a third time.” She added, “They didn't call him and say, ‘You're not working with us anymore.’ They tweeted it,” she explained. “And that's how he found out.”

But fans on Twitter are over her playing the victim.

Evans lost custody of her son, Kaiser, in May and says she is now just focused on her children.

“During this difficult time, I’m focused on getting Kaiser back and cooperating with my legal team on the next steps to getting my children back,” she said in a statement.

While this may have been her final appearance on the show, she has no plans to live her life out of the public eye.

“I mean, it was fun,” she told Dr. Drew. “And I'm glad that I got the opportunity. And I'll continue to post and share my life with everyone.”

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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