Jemele Hill Rips Into Offset’s Bobbi Althoff Interview

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Jemele Hill isn’t feeling Bobbi Althoff’s interview style and claims it’s “erasing Hip-Hop journalism.” On Monday ( Sept. 25), the Detroit native voiced her opinion on X/Twitter. She shared a clip of Althoff’s interview with Offset and called the content unenjoyable.

“I don’t find these types of interviews particularly enjoyable or interesting. Instead it just sadly points out how real Hip-Hop journalism has been practically erased,” the acclaimed sports writer typed. “Some of the media teams behind these artists aren’t interested in them sitting down with credible people who know how to tell stories and do quality interviews. Then they wonder why an artist’s real story goes untold, neglected or that artist is misunderstood.”

Her tweet quickly garnered a reaction from social media users. One person pushed back at her claims, pointing to Offset’s team as the main culprit. “Yeah, but, Offset and his team decided to go this route bc of the reach and exposure it’ll get thats the goal. This is how you do promo in this day and age and you have to get with the times,” they typed.

Hill responded saying that someone of Offset’s popularity doesn’t need to depend on Bobbi’s growing status. “Offset could sit down with anybody and people will be watching. He doesn’t need to lean on someone else’s popularity.”

The journalist isn’t the only writer who has rejected Bobbi and other personalities like her. In July 2023, Elliott Wilson xweeted out his disdain for Drake being interviewed on Althoff’s The Really Good podcast, Caleb Pressley’s barstool program, and Lil Yachty.

“Moment of clarity: No disrespect to Lil Boat,” he typed. “Yachty’s convo with The Boy was comfy and had some cool moments. I was more so clowning the comedy shenanigans with outsiders to our culture. It would be great to hear Drake speak to us again. Even if it ain’t me.”

DJ Akademiks also voiced his opinion on rap’s biggest stars going outside of Hip-Hop media for interviews. In March 2023, Ak sounded off on the Her Loss rapper along with Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. After watching Cole’s interview with Golden State’s Bob Myers on ESPN, he asserted that rappers are actively avoiding Hip-Hop outlets.

“Ain’t nobody gonna say it, but I’m gonna say it,” Ak said. “Yo, J. Cole and the rest of y’all big rappers, no wonder y’all get sh*tted on by Hip-Hop outlets man. Y’all get so big in the game… they use the culture, and they use all these blogs, not saying you need to like, I don’t care if they do an interview with me, but I know a lot of journalists in the game and they won’t speak up and a lot of ’em still really hope to get an interview. I say f**k all these ni**as.”

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