Jeff Bridges Through the Years: His Iconic Roles as The Dude, Kevin Flynn and More

Jeff Bridges made his screen debut as a baby and went on to land his iconic role as “The Dude” in 1998’s The Big Lebowski.

Jeff is one of four children of the late actor Lloyd Bridges and late actress and writer, Dorothy Bridges. He has a close relationship with his older brother Beau, who is also an actor. Both made appearances as children on their father’s shows, Sea Hunts (1958 to 1961) and The Lloyd Bridges Show (1962 to 1963), and later starred as on-screen brothers in 1989’s The Fabulous Baker Boys alongside Michelle Pfeiffer.

After starring in his breakthrough role in 1971’s The Last Picture Show, Jeff played Jack McKee in the 1975 film Rancho Deluxe. While on set, he met his wife, Susan Geston. Though Geston initially rejected Jeff, the two met later at a party celebrating the film and hit it off. They tied the knot in 1977 and have three daughters together: Isabelle, Jessica and Haley.

“I can’t take my eyes off this girl,” Jeff recalled of meeting his wife on The Off Camera Show in 2019. “I finally got my guts up to ask her out and I said, ‘Will you like to go out with me?’ and she said ‘No.’”

About 20 years after they met, Jeff found out that the moment was caught on camera.

“I get this letter from the makeup man on Rancho Deluxe,” Jeff continued to share. “He says, ‘I was looking through my files and I came across this photograph of you asking a local girl out.’”

After finding the love of his life, Jeff continued on in Hollywood, starring in 1982’s Tron as Kevin Flynn — a role he later reprised in 2010’s Tron: Legacy — the 1990 sequel to The Last Picture Show, Texasville, and 2009’s Crazy Heart, which garnered him an Oscar, Golden Globe and SAG Award for best actor.

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