Jeezy Says Gucci Mane Declined 'Verzuz' Battle

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Two of trap music's founding fathers will collide when T.I. and Jeezy go head-to-head in their upcoming Verzuz battle. While Tip might have given the genre its name and Jeezy provided the motivation, there's a third head on this Mount Rushmore in Gucci Mane who gifted trap with its accepted sound. During a conversation with The Breakfast Club, Jeezy claimed that he was willing to take on Guwop but Gucci ducked the fade.

Around the interview's 12-minute mark, Jeezy explained that he was first approached about participating in Verzuz by the series co-creator, Swizz Beatz.

"Swizz called me and I was like 'Yo, Swizz... If I do it, there's only one person I'd do it with," Jeezy said. "And he was like 'Who?' 'Gucci, reach out to him. Let me know what's up.'"

Unlike T.I. and Jeezy, Gucci Mane doesn't happily co-exist in the tranquil trap landscape. Gucci has sparked rap beefs with both Jeezy and T.I., but his dispute with the former turned into an all-out war.

In 2005, Gucci killed one of Jeezy's associates, Henry "Pookie Loc" Clark III, during an alleged home invasion at Gucci's house. Although Clark's body was found three days after the incident and Gucci didn't call the police at the time of the shooting, he was still acquitted for the murder as police claim he acted in self-defense. Since then, Gucci has shown no remorse for Clark's death, even posting memes about the killing.

Similar to the first Recession, this album is expected to attack political topics in a palatable way. This moved Jeezy to explain that he reached out to Lil Wayne following his meeting with former President Donald Trump.

"I reached out to Tunechi because I wanted to know," Jeezy said. "I just wanted to know like 'Yo, bro like I get it. And even if you going to have those conversations, have the conversation. That don't mean take a picture.' We love you. You been Lil Wayne since the Hot Boys. I grew up on Lil Wayne. ... You can't get to the point where you're oblivious. People will use you. ... I rather you not say nothing."

Jeezy also announced The (Re)Session podcast, a new weekly eight-episode limited podcast series on Charlamagne Tha God and iHeartMedia’s The Black Effect Podcast Network. Episodes will preview songs from the album and you can listen to the first episode with Tony Robbins here.

Watch Jeezy's full appearance on The Breakfast Club above.

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