Jeezy Requests Primary Custody Of Daughter Monaco Amid Divorce From Jeannie Mai

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Jeezy is requesting primary custody of Monaco Mai Jenkins, the two-year-old daughter he shares with his estranged wife, Jeannie Mai.

According to PEOPLE, the rapper filed for primary custody on Wednesday, April 10, superseding the current custody/parenting agreement that he and Mai settled on in mediation.

In their initial settlement, Jeezy reportedly agreed to move into the basement of their shared home, but the former daytime talk show host instead moved her and Monaco out of the home. Per the filing, he stated that he “does not know where the minor child actually lives, or what or who is caring for the minor child while Mai ‘is working.'”

The Adversity For Sale author also alleged that Mai has her mother and brother caring for Monaco most of the time, noting that the travel schedule isn’t “good” for the child. Furthermore, he claims that Mai has also kept their daughter away from him for almost two months.

Jeezy said that he was “only able to exercise parenting time with the minor child overnight” on April 8 until April 9 in Dallas, alleging that Monaco “was lethargic, appeared to be exhausted, and seemed to be underweight.” In his request, he expressed that Monaco “would have more stability” if he was her primary caretaker.

A hearing has been scheduled for May 2.

Back in December, Jeezy accused Mai of being a “gatekeeper” when it came to Monaco while Mai voiced concerns about “unsecured firearms.”

He reportedly asked a judge to “address temporary custodial arrangements.” It was then that they agreed on a visitation schedule through 2023, but things are “becoming increasingly less feasible.”

Jeezy’s legal counsel did express that the rapper “does not believe that [Mai] is acting maliciously or with specific intent to harm.”

The rapper filed for divorce in September 2023 and stated their marriage is “irretrievably broken” with “no hope for reconciliation.”

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