Jedward Talks St. Patrick’s Day and ‘Sharknado 3’

Happy St. Jedward’s Day! Yes, infamous X Factor U.K. alums Jedward (aka John and Edward Grimes, aka the “double divas of Dublin”) are back, and they’re here at Yahoo this St. Paddy’s Day to discuss their upcoming music, their favorite Irish celebration traditions, and — here’s a real cause for celebration — their upcoming roles in SyFy’s Sharknado 3 alongside Bo Derek, Jerry Springer, and their friend Tara Reid.

Yes, that is actually happening. While the twins can’t reveal too much about their involvement just yet, they did exclusively tell Yahoo Music’s Reality Rocks that, unlike many of the film’s other characters, they do NOT get killed off… thus allowing them to come back for Sharknado 4, of course.

Will Jedward create music for the Sharknado soundtrack (suggested title: Jednado)? Where exactly are their doppelgangers located in the Dublin Wax Museum? What are their top Ireland travel tips? Which Jedward song is a must for your St. Patrick’s Day party playlist? What about their new song, “Roll Out the Red Carpet,” made Tara Reid’s gal pals twerk in earnest like jigging Irish revelers? And how do they manage to look so good in the universally unflattering color green?

Oh, there’s a lot to discuss, so watch now. Your eyes, Irish or otherwise, will surely be smiling.

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