Jednado! Watch Jedward and a Pack of Fake Sharks Terrorize the Thames

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Thames water… Jedward have returned. With sharks and chainsaws.

Let’s backtrack for a moment. Unless you’ve been living under a giant oceanic rock, then you know Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! premiered on SyFy last night. But even if you watched, you may have missed the “acting debut” by infamous X Factor U.K. twins, Eurovision finalists, and Tara Reid BFFs, Jedward.

Here’s their cameo again, on a convenient loop for your repeated viewing delight. It was so brief, it was easy to fit all of it into this six-second Vine:

Yep. That’s it! How are Jedward going to win an Emmy now? But thankfully, John and Edward Grimes didn’t get eaten during their cameo, so while we’re all still waiting to find out what happens to Reid’s character (#AprilLives or #AprilDies?), we know that #JedwardLives. So there’s always a chance that they’ll get to sink their teeth into a meatier role in Sharknado 4. It's rumored they might even make soundtrack music with their Sharknado co-star, David Hasselhoff.

Despite their tragic lack of Sharknado screentime, Jedward, marketing and PR geniuses that they are, milked the opportunity for all it was worth, doing loads of hilarious promo across the pond for SyFy U.K. Their best stunt? Racing a shark boat across London’s Thames River while wielding chainsaws, rapping their Sharknado theme song “Oh Hell No” (plus a “Ghostbusters” interpolation), and basically stirring up their own Jednado. And miraculously, they didn’t even mess up their perfect, sharkfin-like hair.

Oh hell YES. Jedward lives, all right. These guys are truly living the dream.

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