Jean-Claude Van Damme Storms Out of Interview

Take note, villains in action movies. We have finally found Jean-Claude Van Damme’s greatest weakness: asking him the same questions over and over again. Van Damme was doing satellite interviews with the Australian press when he got upset and stormed out. His problem? Apparently folks from Down Under always ask him about their native daughter, Kylie Minogue, and he can’t take it anymore.

“Yeah, I like Kylie, I like everybody … can I please come to Australia and talk to you? Because, yes, I like Kylie, I like … Sorry guys, I cannot do this anymore,” he complained. “The press, they’ve been asking me the same questions for the last 25 years. ‘Kylie?’ ‘How’s your training?’ ‘How’s your this?’ ‘How’s your that?’ So, I’m coming to Australia to maybe do something kind of different with the audience.”

“Those interviews that you are giving me on TV right now? They’re very boring,” the action star also said. “Because the questions are boring. And it’s difficult for me to answer those questions, so I start to sweat. I don’t feel good because then I’m very … they are boring. And I knew this, OK. Next question. Do you have something interesting to ask me?”

Finally, he reached his boiling point and stormed off. “OK, bye-bye,” he said, getting up. “Don’t shoot. Cut. What the f*** is going on in Australia? What the f*** is going on? I cannot do this. I’m too natural. You can blow this stuff away. What is this?”

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