Jax Taylor’s Relationship History Has Been Full of Truly Wild Moments

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The cast of Vanderpump Rules is nothing if not incredibly messy. Like, so much so that there are literal rankings of the all-time worst-kept secrets from the past 10+ years the hit show has been on the air. Unsurprisingly, most of this messiness happens in the confines of all the relationships the cast members have with each other. Enter: Jax Taylor, who was the series 1 lead alongside his then-girlfriend Stassi Schroeder.

After a buncha drama that we will fully be getting into, these two ultimately called it quits because of a truly w-i-l-d cheating scandal. How-ev-er, that was far from Jax's first fu*ckboy offense. In fact, most recently, The Valley star was snapped alongside someone new just weeks after announcing his separation from Brittany Cartwright. 👀

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So without further ado, here's everything ya need to know about Jax's dating history...including the 🫠 significance of the movie Drive (IYKYK).

Stassi Schroeder (2010-2013)

celebrities visit siriusxm studios march 4, 2013
Ilya S. Savenok - Getty Images

Stassi and Jax were the It couple of Vanderpump Rules season 1—and they were fully aware of it, TYVM. “Me and Jax just kind of bring everyone together. The boys are drawn to him, and the girls are drawn to me, so we just kind of lead the pack,” Stassi noted in the series premiere of the hit show. And while we hate to admit it, no lies were said!

Like, the duo proved to make *such* a good reality TV couple that Jax got on the show without even working at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant alongside the rest of the cast members. “He was not even supposed to be on Vanderpump Rules,” Stassi dished in 2021, on the now defunct Give Them Lala…with Randall podcast (via Page Six). “He was not working at SUR and they cast the rest of us and they were like, ‘Who are you dating?’ And I was like, 'This guy Jax.'”

During the inaugural season, however, rumors began to swirl that Jax had cheated on Stassi while on a trip to Las Vegas, which, as we now know, was fully true and led to them ultimately breaking up. That! Said!!! They *did* reunite during season 2 before eventually splitting for good due to Jax yet again cheating on Stassi with *checks notes* her then-best friend, Kristen Doute. Which brings us to...

Kristen Doute (2013)

lacoste beautiful desert pool party day 1
Chris Weeks - Getty Images

Despite having a mutual pact to never tell anyone about their hookup, Kristen and Jax's secret ultimately came to light during season 2, which is totally par for the course due to, well, everything eventually getting exposed on the show one way or another (bad for them, good for us).

Apparently, the sitch went down at Jax’s shared apartment with then-cast mate Tom Sandoval, whom Kristen was actually dating (!!!!!) at the time. While Sandoval slept, Jax and Kristen hooked up on the couch while watching the movie Drive (lol), and the secret would have gone to the grave had Jax not given Stassi access to his text messages. *cue le dramatic music*

Once Kristen learned of this, she finally confessed, which led to (1) Stassi slapping Kristen, (2) Sandoval punching Jax, and (3) fans never looking at Drive the same way again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But wait! There's more...

Years later, fellow VPR star Tom Schwartz revealed that the couch Jax and Kristen had hooked up on was still in Sandoval's apartment as of season 4. Oh, and, “He got it steam-cleaned three times.”

Currently, the Bravolebrity is in a serious relationship with her The Valley costar Luke Broderick, meaning Kristen ultimately did find love in a hopeless place (Los Angeles). For more on Luke, head right on over this way:

Laura-Leigh Moser (2012)

You may know her from her hilarious cameo in the Jennifer Aniston-led comedy We’re the Millers, but before then, Laura-Leigh was a SUR employee Jax got close to amid that first break with Stassi back in season 1.

At the time, she was struggling with an alcohol and drug addiction, so one of her and Jax's dates actually involved The Valley star accompanying her to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. And yet, despite the heartfelt moment, Jax pulled a Jax and proceeded to dump her right after.

Eventually, the Vanderpump Rules alum confessed to selfishly using Laura-Leigh to make Stassi jealous during an appearance on Kristen's since-revamped Sex, Love, and What Else Matters podcast. “I felt really bad. Now I look back on that, the way I handled that situation was just awful,” he said during the July 2023 convo. “I use the term runaway train because, I really was, I was very reckless.”

Nowadays, Laura-Leigh remains a fan favorite of Bravo historians, so she's honestly winning.

Tiffany Matthews and Carmen Dickman (2014)

Remember when Vanderpump Rules season 3 began with the 44-year-old “saying goodbye to the old Jax” because he was “a completely different person now?” Yah, that lasted all of *checks clock* 0.2 seconds because Jax wound up legit dating two women at the exact same time. 😬 Enter: Tiffany Matthews and Carmen Dickman.

“I’m trying to be honest with both of these girls…I don’t want to lose either of them,” he confessed to Sandoval during episode 2 of the explosive season, all the while noting that, if he had to choose between the women “right now,” he'd choose Tiffany. “Tiffany and I, we get along really well,” he noted before adding, “She's a little bit older. She gets me a little bit more.”

Ultimately, the reason Jax was able to keep up the charade for so long was because Tiffany lived in Las Vegas and worked at the Bellagio, while Tiffany worked as a cast member on Vanderpump Rules in Los Angeles. Neither 'ship lasted, yet in that short stint, Jax managed to tattoo Carmen’s name on his arm...and even told her that he wanted her to have his babies.

However, just two months after first dating, the two split, with Carmen announcing their breakup on Twitter. “Jax Taylor and I are no longer together. It was a mutual agreement and an amicable split,” she wrote in March 2014 (via Bustle).

But before officially parting ways, Carmen delivered a *chef's kiss* response to Jax breaking up with her on camera. “I’m sorry, am I missing something? You told me you wanted me to have your babies a day ago. You tattooed my freaking name on your arm,” she began. “After this, I don’t want to see you again. I don’t like you. You’re 35 years old. Stop with the partying. Get focused. Get on track. Get your life together. I want a man that’s motivated to do good things, and motivated to make me a priority in his life.”

Brittany Cartwright (2015-2024)

vanderpump rules season 10
Bravo - Getty Images

Jax and Brittany first crossed paths back in 2015 in Las Vegas just prior to season 4, which is when the latter initially joined Vanderpump Rules as a guest. The two wound up dating on the show despite everyone questioning why (Brittany was loved by everyone, while Jax was...well, Jax), and actually lasted a pretty long time, drama aside.

Case in point? Season 6 when it was revealed that Jax had cheated on Brittany with their SUR coworker, Faith Stowers. Cue: Brittany famously telling her then-boyfriend to “Rot in hell” and breaking up with him once he denied the allegations.

Ultimately, Jax came clean that same season and the two reconciled in December 2017 shortly after Jax's father passed away. “He was very persistent and did not give up,” the Kentucky native explained to E!'s Daily Pop in May 2018 about their decision to reunite. “There [were] some times, sorry to say this Jax, but I would have like 30 missed calls from him. He just wasn't going to give up on me. And I knew that I loved him still. I was trying to act like I didn't, but in the end, I'm just so glad that we are where we are now.”

The duo wound up getting engaged in June 2018, married in June 2019 at a castle in Kentucky, and had their first and only bb son Cruz in April 2021.

Currently, however, Jax and Brittany are separated, with the two initially announcing their marital issues during an episode of their podcast When Reality Hits in February 2024. “I think that we will have to address some rumors—just a little bit. I’m not going to go too hard on this because, you know, some people do deserve to have their privacy. But I will say—marriage is hard and people go through ups and downs all the time and it’s completely normal,” she began before adding, “Sometimes people might need their space [and] sometimes they won’t.”

By early May, the two were amicable but “currently separated,” according to Jax. “[Brittany] lives down the street, we see each other every single day, we take our son to school every day together, we go to swim class, we go to soccer. We do everything. We're just not sleeping in the same bed,” he added. For more deets on the former couple's split, head right over this way:

Paige Woolen (2024)

celebrity sightings in studio city may 25, 2024
MEGA - Getty Images

Yep, just a few weeks after Jax and Brittany confirmed they were officially separated, the Vanderpump Rules alum was papped stepping out for lunch with model Paige Woolen at the Granville Café in Los Angeles. 👀 According to People, who obtained the pics, the reality star was *also* spotted with Paige at the Oaks Bar in Sherman Oaks the day prior.

Jax's former VPR cast mate Scheana Shay then entered the chat on her podcast Scheananigans, when she claimed that Paige’s parents were actually the ones who introduced her to Jax. “Apparently, Paige’s dad won a round of golf at some charity event to play a round of golf with Jax,” she recounted before adding, “And then he was like, 'Oh, you should meet my daughter.'”

After a buncha speculation about the sitch, Jax outright denied dating Paige (slash anyone else, for that matter) on X. Ahem:

Oh, and to make matters more?!?!?! on the May 31 episode of his and Brittany’s podcast When Reality Hits, Jax reiterated that he’s not dating anyone. How-ev-er!!!! He *also* said that it would be okay if he was...because he and Brittany aren't together, meaning they're free to date other people. As for any more deets on Paige in particular, Jax said, “We’re just hanging out right now.”

Anywayyyyyy, that's pretty much everything we know right about now re: Jax's love life. Definitely make sure to check back in for any more messy updates!

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