Jax Taylor’s Last Name Drops From Brittany Cartwright’s Instagram Bio Amid Split

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Brittany Cartwright doesn't want anything tying her to her estranged partner, Jax Taylor, amid their separation.

According to reports, the American model has removed Taylor's legal last name, Cauchi, from her Instagram bio. It now reads Brittany Cartwright alone, along with mentions of her reality show and podcast. The estranged couple share one son, Cruz, whom Cartwright claimed is now her main focus.

Brittany Cartwright Drops Jax Taylor's Last Name

Jax Taylor's Last Name Disappears From Brittany Cartwright's Instagram Bio Amid Split

After her recent announcement of her split from Taylor, Cartwright has made an audacious move in her new life as a single lady.

The beautiful blonde has now updated her name on her Instagram bio to dissociate herself from Taylor. The two were together for nearly a decade and married for approximately five years during that time. They welcomed a son, Cruz, 2, within that period.

Cartwright previously had "Brittany Cartwright Cauchi" on her bio, with the last name being Taylor's legal surname. However, according to reports, it now reads "Brittany Cartwright" alone.

The model also added a homage to her Kentucky origins in the bio,  writing, "Just a Kentucky girl livin in a beautiful world." There were also brief mentions of the son she bore for Taylor, as well as her "When Reality Hits" podcast and new Bravo show, "The Valley."

Brittany Cartwright Says She Is 'Taking Time Apart' From Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor's Last Name Disappears From Brittany Cartwright's Instagram Bio Amid Split

Back in February, Cartwright announced that she was taking time apart from her "Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky" co-star. At the time, she shared that she needed the time apart to prevent her mental health from deteriorating further due to multiple undisclosed issues in their marriage.

"Jax and I are taking time apart, and I made the decision to move into another home to take some space for the sake of my mental health," the model said on an episode of her reality series, "When Reality Hits."

Hours after she made the announcement, Taylor came out to say that they had moved back in together, although Cartwright did not confirm this.

"We're just spending some time apart and just trying to reassess, you know, our situation," Taylor told Page Six. "We have a child involved, and we just wanna do what's best for our kid.

The Estranged Couple Are 'Not On A Path To Reconciliation'

Jax Taylor's Last Name Disappears From Brittany Cartwright's Instagram Bio Amid Split

Barely a day after Taylor made the remarks, a source close to the couple claimed that the duo was still living apart and that Cartwright had even moved to a new home after the short lease on her previous rental expired.

The source also noted that the estranged couple are "not on a path to reconciliation, contrary to what Taylor had claimed.

Speaking further, the insider mentioned that although Cartwright had recently stopped by their shared home, it was done to "pack her stuff" before she moved to her new rental.

Neither Cartwright nor Taylor have opened up about the reason why they are taking time apart, nor have they mentioned whether they plan on filing for divorce. In the past, the two have broken up during the fallout from Taylor's infidelity, and the same issue could be at play at this time.

Brittany Cartwright Says Jax Taylor Isn't Trying To Save Their Marriage

A few days ago, Cartwright said that Taylor was "not trying" to save their relationship and seemingly faulted him for their strained ties.

"It's Jax, so he's not really trying that much right now," the "Vanderpump Rules" alum said in an interview with TMZ.

At the time, she also claimed that she got fed up with "fighting" with Taylor over their many issues.

"Whenever you fight with somebody for so long, there's only so much you can take, and you know, I deserve better, [our 2-year-old son] Cruz deserves better," she added.

"We want, like, a good co-parenting relationship, and I think that me moving out and taking space to figure out if this is what I want is, like, the best situation for me right now."

She went on to claim that the doors are still open for reconciliation if Taylor makes some required changes. However, their son, Cruz, is her "main focus" for now.