‘Jaws’ and ‘Psycho’ Theme Songs Played in Major Key are Horrifyingly Happy

You know that tired movie-trailer trick where they play a happy song in a minor key to make it sound spooky? Well, what if you did the reverse? Musician and horror enthusiast Ian Gordon decided to try just that, transposing famous horror theme songs from a creepy minor key into a joyful major key. The results range from bizarre to hilarious to barely recognizable. Listen to his latest compilation above, then check out his previous video below!

It’s pretty remarkable how this one change completely changes the mood of these iconic horror scores. The Jaws theme (daa-DAH, daa-DAH) stops being menacing, and starts sounding like something in the background of Wille Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Psycho’s screechy Bernard Herrmann notes take on a whimsical Wes Anderson quality. “Tubular Bells” from The Exorcist sounds like a Disney princess should be singing over it, while the major-key Halloween theme could score a Rocky montage. And the creepy chanting from The Omen? Still creepy. Some things, even a key change can’t fix.

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(h/t Dangerous Minds)