Javicia Leslie debuts as ‘Batwoman’ and discusses ‘immense responsibility’ of wearing the Batsuit

Javicia Leslie made her debut on “Batwoman,” Sunday, following the departure of former Batwoman, Ruby Rose. Leslie plays Ryan Wilder, who finds the previous Batwoman’s suit and creates her own version of the vigilante. Leslie told Yahoo Entertainment, donning the suit was a special experience.
“Once you put the suit on,” said Leslie. “You feel the immense responsibility of what it represents. You see that bat across your chest, and you know because you were raised seeing what that bat represents.”
Javicia’s character Ryan Wilder was incredibly powerful in her new suit, and the actress really enjoyed all the cool stunts and fight scenes.
“l always just try to have fun with it,” she said. “I think sometimes too much fun. So a lot of behind the scenes is me laughing because they’ve shot me in the air 50 ft.”
During one particularly “dope fight scene,” Leslie’s character was shot with a kryptonite bullet. She revealed that instance will have a huge impact on her character going forward.
“It's going to make a huge impact for Ryan and obviously her capability,” she said. “A lot of her journey is to prove that she’s her own Batwoman, and to stop being compared to Kate Kane. But that's going to be fast impacting her ability, so she’s going to hide it for a while. She genuinely wants to show that she can stand on her own two feet and do this, but meanwhile she’s dealing with something that’s truly impacted her ability to perform.”