Jason Momoa Talks Mixing Adventure and Charity in ‘On The Roam’: ‘It’s All Very Positive Work’ | Video

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Jason Momoa is hitting the road in “On the Roam,” a new eight-part Max docuseries that follows the “Aquaman” star traveling the country chasing art, adventure and friendship through the lens of craftsmanship. The concept for the project stems from Momoa’s natural curiosity.

“There’s people out there making these amazing things. I don’t know how to do that, so I just want to appreciate all these beautiful things,” he told TheWrap. “My job affords me to be curious. I play a role, I get to learn something I’ve never learned before. They’re going to give me a coach, they’re going to give me the best person that knows the most about it. So I’m going to learn very quickly… now it’s just the things I’m curious about, the things I love. Can we do that? I want to try that. And then we do it.”

Momoa views the show as an opportunity to honor those who have inspired him over the years, as well as to “raise charity” by taking some of the items featured in the show and putting them up for auction.

“It’s all very, very positive work,” he added. “I just wanted to showcase big companies that are keeping their hands and their eye and their hearts in it and the small people who are just doing it in the back of their garage, or in their shed, and still making amazing stuff and trying to highlight them to go like ‘Hey, those people are in your hometown. There’s people out there doing that and you can pay attention to them’.”

The series covers a wide range of Momoa’s interests — from photography to guitars to motorcycles — and the craftspeople behind them.

“I’m meeting these people for the first time, coming up with an idea to use for my character, because I already enjoy what they do as a craft and then I’m going to learn more about them. Slowly, the onion is going to get peeled away and I’m going to learn more of how they got to where they’re at,” he said. “It really is a bond, taking time to sit with people and their crafts and art forms … you really get to know people and you can make the world a better place.”

Momoa said he hopes the show inspires viewers to travel and to “do the things that you love to do and pick them back up.”

When it comes to the potential for future seasons, Momoa said he would leave future topics the show covers up to the audience.

“I’m going to listen to what the streets are saying. These are the things I like and that’s what I started with,” he said. “I would want to up the bar, but at the same time it doesn’t mean just upping the bar, it means opening the heart. There’s a lot of vulnerability that came out through all this. So there’s a lot of things to tackle and a lot of ways to move, it’s just wanting to make really great stories.”

“On the Roam” is executive produced by Momoa, Brian Andrew Mendoza, and Kyle Wheeler, with James Mendoza serving as producer and Paris Herbert-Taylor as co-producer. Momoa and Brian Mendoza also direct.

The first three episodes of “On the Roam” are available to stream now on Max, with new episodes premiering every Thursday.

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