Jason Momoa Shares Video of His Hair Being Shaved to Protest Single-Use Plastics

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Image via Getty/ Leon Bennett
Image via Getty/ Leon Bennett

Jason Momoa has gotten rid of his signature locks to protest the use of single-use plastics.

The Aquaman 2 actor took to Instagram to shave his head in a video plea to his fans to stop using plastic water bottles and utensils because of the damage they’ve done to the environment.

“Aloha everyone,” he said. “Hand me those braids, so, I’m shaving off the hair. Doing it for single-use plastics. I’m tired of these plastic bottles, we gotta stop, plastic forks all that shit, it just goes into our land, goes into our ocean.”

He continued, “I’m here in Hawaii right now, I’m just seeing things in our ocean it’s just so sad. So please, anything you can do to eliminate single-use plastics in your lives, help me. Plastic bottles are ridiculous. Bring your canteen or now everyone’s making the aluminum which is fantastic.”

Momoa added in the caption, “Heres to new beginnings let’s spread the aloha. be better at protecting our land and oceans. we need to cut single use plastics out of our lives and out of our seas. plastic bottles, plastic bags ,packaging, utensils all of it. let’s aloha our ‘āina together aloha j.”

The See star has long been an adamant spokesperson for climate change reform. In 2019, Momoa even spoke to the United Nations, pleading with world leaders to take the threat of climate change seriously.

“We’ve been half assing our global efforts to reverse the climate crisis and this can’t continue. We have to change now,” he said at the time. “For the future of our planet, and Small Island Developing States, the wave of change is coming. Aloha J.”

He also previously protested a plan to build the Thirty Meter Telescope on Hawaii’s dormant Volcano Mauna Kea, which Momoa said was a sacred place for the people of his hometown.

“It’s kind of the umbilical cord to earth,” Momoa told CNN. “You know, if you think about the Hawaiian islands, that’s the biggest mountain in the world, right? All the way up. So Mauna Kea is the most sacred. They call it the belly button, too. That’s like our birthplace. You can imagine that in the middle of the ocean. That’s how our islands were formed. So how can that not be sacred?”

Momoa even delayed shooting Aquaman 2 in order to protest the telescope, which as of 2022 has no imminent plans for construction. Aquaman 2 filming is now well underway, with Momoa teasing in July that Ben Affleck will reprise his role as Batman in the forthcoming DC film. 

“REUNITED Bruce and Arthur,” Momoa wrote, referencing his and Affleck’s DC characters. “Love u and miss u Ben. WB studio tours just explored the backlot alright … all great things coming AQUAMAN 2.”

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