Jason Momoa, Aaron Paul And More React After Channing Tatum Confirms He's Still Bringing His Childhood Love The Maxx To Screen

 Channing Tatum in Magic Mike's Last Stand, Aaron Paul on HBO's Westworld, and Jason Momoa in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.
Channing Tatum in Magic Mike's Last Stand, Aaron Paul on HBO's Westworld, and Jason Momoa in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.
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Channing Tatum has been lying low since getting engaged to Zoe Kravitz last year. There hadn’t been much news about his upcoming film projects. Well, that silence concluded as Tatum hopped online to confirm he was still bringing his childhood love The Maxx to the big screen. Following the Magic Mike star’s confirmation, numerous celebrities, including Jason Momoa and Aaron Paul, reacted to the news.

The Hollywood A-lister set his sights on the comic book adaptation after the Gambit movie fell apart. Taking the cult classic comic to the big screen has been a labor of love for Tatum after watching one of MTV’s greatest cartoons. The actor-producer couldn’t hold back his excitement as he hopped on his Instagram account to express his love for the original animated series. Tatum said:

The Lost City star tapped into the obsession Millennials and Gen Xers had with the music channel’s late-night animated lineup. The block was filled with adult animated shows focusing on gritty and suggestive subjects. So Tatum had to sneak to stay up those 1990s late nights. His true fandom came out as the dancer-turned-actor spoke about the MTV series’ effect on his creativity, saying:

It appears the comic-to-screen adaptation will bring the beloved cult classic to a new audience after being off the air for three decades. Channing Tatum is more excited to see The Maxx coming to the big screen as a fan rather than the project’s producer. Look at his tribute carousel from the comic and animated series in his Instagram post below.

Tatum’s excitement was infectious as multiple celebrity fans couldn’t hold back their joy over seeing the upcoming comic book adaptation. The first celeb to speak up was Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, commenting:

Paul wasn’t the only one reminiscing about the original MTV animated series as Jason Momoa decided to chime in, saying:

More celebrities posted in Tatum’s comment section about their love for the comic and original series. Actress Brandy Ledford kept things simple by saying:

The 21 Jump Street star’s words resonated with other fans of the MTV series as they reminisced about other late-night animated shows. Celebrity DJ Ruckus brought up another beloved MTV series, posting:

However, it wasn’t just celebrities riled up by Channing Tatum’s announcement. A few followers took a moment to leave a comment. A commentator was waiting for the comic-to-film adaptation, sharing:

Like the Hollywood actor, fans couldn’t wait to relive their childhood memories. Another fan channeled Tatum’s excitement, commenting:

Even though the comment section was filled with numerous The Maxx fans, there was a small group of followers who weren’t familiar with the comic or MTV series but were here for the 43-year-old actor producing his dream movie. One follower said:

Another commentator expressed their excitement over the Hollywood A-lister’s child-like enthusiasm. They stated:

As fans wait for more news on The Maxx movie, there are more things to know about the cult classic comic before the movie drops. Channing Tatum has upcoming movies hitting theaters in the future. Tatum will appear in an untitled romantic comedy with Scarlett Johansson, set to arrive in cinemas on July 12. The Hollywood A-lister will appear in fiancée Zoe Kravitz’s directorial debut Pussy Island, which still doesn’t have a release date. if you want to see what other movies are coming to theaters and streaming, look over our 2024 movie schedule.