Jason Kelce's Pals Try to Throw Off His Golf Game With Jokes About Travis

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Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce can't do anything as an eldest brother without dodging comparisons to his just-as-talented younger brother, Travis.

Older siblings everywhere can probably commiserate with the retired NFL star on that front, but not everyone can say they have to compete with a sibling who's gained an imaginable amount of celebrity status–nor does everyone have to deal with jabs from their friends going viral online.

The former Philadelphia Eagles center recently hit the greens to get in a round of golf with his friends, but it quickly turned into an amateur comedy session as Jason fielded jokes from his pals at his own expense.

"Kelc, how do you handle s--t-talking?" someone could be heard asking the 36-year-old off-camera.

"I don't know," he said after a brief pause. Little did he know we were all about to find out.

"Nervous?" someone else asked, to which Jason replied without hesitation, "I didn't think it was gonna happen, but now I am."

"I'm more of a fan of your brother, anyway," his friend and former teammate Beau Allen joked.

"Join the club," Jason teased back.

"Better athlete, better celebrity," Allen added.

Jason, quick on his feet and readying a swing, then quipped, "At least I'm better looking."

"Better dancer," Allen said of the Kansas City Chiefs tight end before Jason's hard swing cut him off.

To make matters fair, Jason isn't the only Kelce that's been tormented by his buddies during a round of golf.

In March, Travis, 34, was forced to shake it off after his pals began blasting girlfriend Taylor Swift's hit "Bad Blood" on the course. Though Travis' friends really gave it all they had in an attempt to distract him, the plan backfired and the left defeated knowing the three-time Super Bowl champ "cannot be rattled."

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