Jason Kelce Reveals If He Will Attend Travis Kelce’s Playoff Game

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After the Philadelphia Eagles were eliminated from the NFL playoffs, fans began questioning if Jason Kelce would attend the Kansas City Chiefs game to cheer on his brother, Travis Kelce.

As you know, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Philadelphia Eagles last weekend, ruining their chances of Super Bowl contention. The Kansas City Chiefs, on the other hand, have advanced to the next round of playoffs and will take on the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, January 20.

It is expected that Travis's girlfriend, pop icon Taylor Swift, attend the game in New York, but will fans also see Jason Kelce in the stands?

Will Jason Kelce Attend the Kansas City Chiefs Playoff Game?

Travis Kelce Addresses Helmet-Throwing Meltdown During Chiefs Game

Following the Eagles' loss, the team cleared out their locker room Wednesday and reporters caught up with Jason Kelce. They asked if he had any immediate plans following the loss, to which the NFL player said, “I don’t know, that’s one of the beautiful things about the off-season, it’s unscheduled.”

He added, “So, you know, obviously my brother’s still in the playoffs. I don’t get to watch him play very often, maybe I’ll get an opportunity to go watch one of those games this week.”

That maybe is now turning into a definite yes as a source close to the Chiefs team confirmed that the Eagles player and his wife, Kylie, will be in the stands to cheer on Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs.


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This news comes after Jason Kelce reportedly told his teammates he would be retiring after this season. He, however, addressed those rumors personally on his podcast, which he hosts with Travis, stating that “I just don’t think you’re in a position after a game like that to really, you know, make that decision. I just don’t”.

“There’s too much emotion in the moment. There’s too much going down in the moment to really fully grasp that decision,” he added on his podcast. “I’m not trying to be dramatic to continue to draw this thing out,” he continued. “I’m really not.”

While Jason did not confirm nor deny the retirement rumors, he did reveal what exactly he told his teammates in the locker room. “I did address the team and pretty much said, ‘I [believe] in every single one of you guys’,” he said, adding, “‘Cherish your moments in this league.’ ”

Taylor Swift Could Also Attend The Kansas City Chiefs Game

Brittany Mahomes Under Fire For Talking Trash About Taylor Swift

This could be a drama-filled Kansas City Chiefs game as reports recently surfaced that Taylor Swift, who you know is dating Travis Kelce, and Jason Kelce aren't on the best terms.

As you may know, last year, Kylie Kelce seemingly attacked the 'Love Story' artist during an interview when she perceived Taylor as “not particularly my cup of tea.” A source then spoke out, alleging that “Taylor hasn’t had the best reception from Jason and his wife.”

The source, who spoke with Life & Style Magazine, stated that “Taylor took that [comment] personally and since then it’s been very awkward.”

While Taylor has not confirmed this herself, it will be interesting to see if the pop icon sits in the same VIP box as Jason and his wife during the Chiefs playoff game on Sunday.