Jason Derulo Says He'd Give Up Social Media For This NSFW Activity

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Life is full of hard decisions, and Jason Derulo made several during a rapid-fire question round on the latest episode of E!'s digital series DRIVE!.

Well-known for his seductive songs like "Talk Dirty" and "Swalla," the singer has also become a social media sensation with over 54.3 million followers on TikTok. So, DRIVE! host Austin J. Mills decided to see where Jason's true interests lie by asking him whether he'd "give up sex or give up social media?"

Ultimately, the artist gave in to his personal pleasures. "Give up social media," he answered with a chuckle, a decision Austin is quick to note was "easy" for Jason.

Looking to get more hot takes from the star, Austin followed up by asking Jason to pick between two more of his favorite things: "Would you rather never make a music video again or never make a movie again?"

With 50 music video credits to his name, the decision was not as easy for Jason to make, but he ended up choosing to "never make a movie again."

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Jason made his big screen debut as Rum Tug Tugger in the 2019 musical Cats, and is set to star in another musical flick, Spinning Gold, as musician Ronald Isley later this year.

"I barely started with the movies," he joked. "Give me a chance! Give me a shot!"

Jason DeRulo
Noah Roberto

But if there's one thing Jason doesn't have trouble deciding on it's what his next move is. Since rising to fame with his 2009 hit "Whatcha Say," he revealed the key to his long-lasting success is knowing how to keep things fresh.

"I think the biggest downfall of a lot of artists and anybody in the entertainment field is feeling like you've arrived somewhere," Jason exclusively told Austin, "because, at that point, you think you can take your foot off the gas. There's always somebody younger and hungrier, so if you don't have the same hunger that you had in the beginning, somebody's just gonna pass you up."

And lucky for him, "I have the same hunger that I've always had," he said.

Check out more of Jason Derulo's hot takes in his full DRIVE! episode above.

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