Jason Derulo says buzz over his underwear photo is 'the funniest thing that ever happened in my life'

In the lead up to the release of Cats, Jason Derulo’s penis has been the talk of the internet.

The chatter began when the singer and actor posted a photo of himself in nothing but underwear, which quickly garnered attention from fans. Instagram noticed it, too, and removed it, citing guidelines that prohibit “nudity or sexual activity.” (He’s since reposted a variation of the photo featuring a strategically-placed sandwich.)

Derulo brought up the subject again Monday when he said the makers of his new film “CGI’d the d*** out” of his animal suit, during a visit to Andy Cohen’s SiriumXM radio show.

So what does he think about all the attention as of late?

“Listen, I love it. It’s hilarious,” Derulo said when he stopped by BUILD Series this week. “It’s the funniest thing that ever happened in my life.”

Derulo added that he hadn’t expected his semi-nude snapshot to catch so much attention.

“When I posted the picture, I had no idea this was gonna happen, but… It’s amazing,” he said. “I can’t say anything without it being a headline now.”

He added to his earlier comments about having been edited for Cats, clarifying that he’s content with his character’s full-body look.

“I’m very happy with the end result, and it makes sense, you know?” he said. “I would’ve edited out as well. Because, you know, certain things work for certain things and, you know, cats are very discreet. When I wake up in the morning, it’s not a very discreet situation, and it’s very in-your-face, so to speak.”

Cats arrives in theaters on Dec. 20.

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