Jared Padalecki's Walker Independence Cameo Wish Is Fulfilled: 'It's Something We've Talked About Since Day 1'

“Feel like I seen you before.”

“Maybe I’ve just got one of those faces.”

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With that wink-wink, nudge-nudge, Walker star/EP Jared Padalecki rode into this Thursday’s episode of the Walker Independence spinoff (on which he is an EP) for a scene with Matt Barr’s (sorry, Walker alum Matt Barr’s) Hoyt Rawlins.

Padalecki’s Man With No Name joined in telling a joke with Hoyt — “What did the three-legged dog say when he went into the saloon?”/”I’m lookin’ for the man who shot my paw!” — before the two realized they were at cross purposes, both fixin’ as they were to rob the next train.

There was some talk of partnering up, but that didn’t come to pass. So the two thieves quietly agreed this stretch of track wasn’t big enough for the both of them, and guns were drawn.

Walker Independence PAdalecki
Walker Independence PAdalecki

Hoyt was the last man left straddling his steed.

The cameo marks a wish fulfilled for Padalecki, who last fall spoke with TVLine about possibly wrangling an Independence appearance.

“It’s totally something we’ve talked about and thought about since Day 1 of the conception of Walker Independence,” Padalecki told us. “And whether it’s a flashback on Walker, or a flash forward on Walker Independence, or whether they can dress me up enough to let me exist in Independence, just not as Cordell Walker, I see a bunch of fun ways to kind of integrate the two, and keep that Walker-verse thriving and throw in Easter eggs.”

The logistics of Walker filming in Austin, Texas, while Independence shoots in Santa Fe, New Mexico, makes things difficult, but “I refuse to let Walker Independence carry on without me being onscreen in 19th century Texas in some way, shape, or form,” Padalecki added with a laugh.

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