Jared Leto Sparks Online Frenzy With THIS Bucket List Activity

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Jared Leto is taking his Hollywood status to new heights, literally!

On Thursday, the 51-year-old frontman of Thirty Seconds to Mars ticked off an item on his bucket list by scaling the Empire State Building to commemorate the launch of his band's global tour. The ascent involved climbing the east side of the building from floors 86 to 104, reaching approximately 1,300 feet in the air. 

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Jared Leto Wows Fans With His Climbing Skills


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Jared fulfilled a long-time dream by climbing the Empire State Building to promote Thirty Seconds to Mars' upcoming "Seasons" world tour, spanning North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand between March and September 2024.

Sharing the news himself, the Oscar winner uploaded a clip that showed him making the climb in a red jumpsuit. The video, which was set to the tune of his band's 2023 song, "Life Is Beautiful," was shared alongside two images. It highlighted the stop points for the tour and one image of him and his brother and bandmate, Shannon Leto, in the middle of a performance on the roof of the landmark building.

Fans got to learn the song the duo was performing in the fifth slide of the Instagram dump, which was a video. In it, Jared energetically belted out the lyrics of the "Seasons" while Shannon effortlessly beat an electronic percussion pad.

In the caption, the music star, who has now become the first person to legally climb the prestigious landmark, began, "Today we launch SEASONS WORLD TOUR 2024 in celebration of our brand new album, It's The End of The World But It's a Beautiful Day!!"

Jared Leto at Gucci Love Parade - Runway

Addressing his decision to climb the skyscraper, the "My So-Called Life" alum shared that he's had "a fascination with the Empire State Building, the "world's number one attraction" since I was a kid."

He claimed that even though he was unsure about what initially drew him to the tower, "something about this iconic structure always captured my imagination. Built in just 13 short months, in one of the greatest cities in the world it has always been a powerful symbol to me of all the possibilities in life."

He touched on his love for climbing, revealing that "It's one of the few things I've found that takes me away from some of the pressures of life and helps me to find a bit of freedom and equanimity," which connected perfectly with his band's latest album, "It's the End of the World but It's a Beautiful Day."

"In a lot of ways," he wrote, "this album is about following your dreams and pushing yourself to do the seemingly impossible. Climbing the Empire State Building certainly falls into that category for me. As does touring the world with my brother and sharing these unforgettable concerts and experiences with you all."

Leto's Instagram Fans Are Shocked & Proud

In the hours since the post went live, his fans have camped on the comments section airing their views, with one person ecstatically saying, "YOU'RE SO CRAZY! AND I LOVE U SO MUCH FOR THAT."

A second commenter claimed, "I haven't slept all night and I knew you've been quiet for a reason and I knew you were going to do something crazy lol because that you you wouldn't be you if you didn't do something crazy." 

Similarly, a third applauded, "Epic way to announce a tour!!! Incredible climb!!! Also, you and Shannon playing at the top, what a stunning backdrop."

Is This What Unemployment Looks Like?


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When Film Updates dropped the footage of Jared making his iconic act "for some reason," it gave X users a chance to throw jabs at the "House of Gucci" actor.

"For what reason?" one viewer asked, while another disclosed, "The wind has the opportunity to do the funniest thing ever," and a third pondered, "what in the news headline in the background of a cartoon sitcom is going on here."

A fourth X user commented, "Say that you are tired of living without actually saying you are tired of living," a fifth expressed that the climb "only counts if he started from the bottom," and yet another critic typed, "This is what it is to be unemployed, I dare say I understand."

Other unimpressed viewers simply concluded that he made the climb to "stay relevant," with an additional few hoping for him to "fall down."

What Can Jared Leto Not Do?

Despite the negative reviews from critics, there were a few appreciative takes for the "Closer to the Edge" hitmaker, like this one from a fan wondering, "Is there anything which Jared can't do?"

"Wow, he's truly remarkable," one other internet citizen gushed, while a third chimed in to say, "I love that he just lives his life unbothered."