A Japanese song has unpredictably become a massive hit among TikTokers — and their parents

In November 1979, Japanese singer Miki Matsubara, then 19 years old, released her debut single “Mayonaka no Door – Stay With Me”. At the time of the song’s debut, Matsubara’s entrance into music marked the next generation of singers who would come to shape city pop. Now, more than 40 years later, her song has resurfaced and become a huge hit on TikTok— all thanks to Indonesian YouTuber Rainych Ran. The cover singer, who has more than 1.35 million subscribers on the video-sharing platform, first posted her rendition of Matsubara’s song on Oct. 29, 2020. “To be honest, when I started working on the cover, I felt nervous as to whether I can deliver the song while making sure to maintain its emotion and energy”. It has since received more than 1.26 million views and many users are testing their mothers’ familiarity with the song. the song appeared to hit its peak popularity on Dec. 10, 2020, when user @arisa.teo shared her mother’s reaction to a clip of the song. “They said japanese women from the 80’s know this song,” a text overlay reads. The user then walks over to her mother, asking her if she recognizes it. Feeling nostalgic, the mother nods without hesitation before bursting into the chorus