Janet Mock says Morgan Freeman 'didn't care' about his behavior during creepy, inappropriate interview

·Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Janet Mock, a transgender author and entertainment reporter, is opening up to Wendy Williams about an awkward Morgan Freeman interview. In 2015, Freeman made comments about Mock’s body during an interview for Entertainment Tonight.

The actor has been accused of inappropriate behavior by 16 people, 8 of whom say that they are victims of harassment. Freeman has since apologized.

In Mock’s account to Williams, Mock recalled that Freeman remarked on the length of her dress and didn’t care that the cameras were running. “It shows how men in power just believe that they have free range to do whatever they want.”

A recent report from CNN included sources who called Freeman a “creepy uncle,” and Mock agreed with that description. She said, “for America’s grandfather to really just turn into … the creepy uncle at the barbecue was strange.” Mock revealed what happened after the interview was over — she thought the footage was unusable. “I was really shocked,” Mock said. “I got a call from my former producers at Entertainment Tonight and they just said they were going to air it. And I said, ‘Whoa,’ because I knew that it was unairable because all he did the entire time was look at my legs.”

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