Jane Fonda’s Dating History: Directors, Activists, Music Producers and More

For the love of men! Jane Fonda fell in love on more than one occasion in her life, but when she hit her 80s, she decided to close up shop. “I'm not dating anymore, but I did up until a couple of years ago,” she told Extra in May 2018. “I'm 80. I've closed up shop down there!" The Grace and Frankie actress has however a history of long-term relationships, beginning with her first marriage to Roger Vadim in 1965. “There’s no doubt that part of my attraction to him and his life was because it was so different from the repressed style in which I had been raised,” Fonda wrote in her 2005 autobiography, Jane Fonda: My Life So Far. “But what a reputation he had! In the first years of our relationship, walking down the Champs-Élysées, people would react to him as to a major movie star.” Fonda, who grew up under the Hollywood microscope as the daughter of actor Henry Fonda, was rarely single. Following her split from the French filmmaker in 1973, who helped put her on the map with 1968’s Barberella, the actress quickly remarried in 1973. Once that relationship fizzled out, the Georgia Rule actress again walked down the aisle in 1991. It wasn’t until her eight-year-relationship with music producer Richard Perry, however, that the actress had a sexually fulfilling romance. “At 74, I've never had such a fulfilling sex life,” Jane said told The Sun in July 2012. “The only thing I have never known is true intimacy with a man. I absolutely want to discover that before dying. It has happened with Richard, I feel totally secure with him. Often, when we make love, I see him as he was 30 years ago." Throughout her life, the Oscar winner hasn’t been shy about sex and intimacy, nor has she shied away from revealing her Hollywood crushes. After appearing alongside Robert Redford in three films — and ahead of their 2017 reunion in Our Souls At Night — the activist opened up about their chemistry and the fact that she always loved him. “I realize that I’ve grown up because in the three previous movies, I was always in love with him,” Jane told Ellen DeGeneres in March 2017. “I fell in love with him every time.” In September 2020, the 9 to 5 star got real about the one that got away, naming Marvin Gaye as her “great regret.” Jane told The New York Times that she missed her opportunity to sleep with the “Sexual Healing” crooner, because she was married at the time of his advances. “He wanted to and I didn’t,” she explained, noting she later learned that he had her picture on his refrigerator. Scroll down to relive Jane’s romantic highlights.