The Jane Austen Book Club Streaming: Watch and Stream Online via Starz

The Jane Austen Book Club
The Jane Austen Book Club
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Robin Swicord’s romantic comedy The Jane Austen Book Club follows a group of Californian people as they delve into the oeuvre of the author Jane Austen and find strange similarities between the themes of her work and their lives.

Here’s how you can watch and stream The Jane Austen Book Club via streaming services such as Starz.

Is The Jane Austen Book Club available to watch via streaming?

Yes, The Jane Austen Book Club is available to watch via streaming on Starz.

From questioning marriage and social expectations to self-discovery and navigating grief, loss, and new relationships, the film delves into larger themes explored by the 18th-century author Jane Austen in her novels. Moreover, the characters find themselves in situations eerily similar to those in Austen’s novels and seek meaningful connections.

Kathy Baker, Maria Bello, Emily Blunt, Amy Brenneman, Hugh Dancy, Maggie Grace, and Lynn Redgrave, among others, star in the film.

Watch The Jane Austen Book Club streaming via Starz

The Jane Austen Book Club is available to watch on Starz. Starz is a video-on-demand streaming platform that brings third-party and original content, including popular TV shows, movies, live streaming on sports and TV, and much more.

You can watch via Starz by following these steps:

  1. Go to’s sign-up page.

  2. Select either the six-month plan or the monthly plan

    • The standard rate for the six-month plan is $46, excluding any special offers

    • The standard for the monthly plan is $9.99 per month, excluding any special offers

Starz is also available as a Prime Video Channel, meaning that subscribers to the Amazon Prime Video service can also receive discounted access to Starz. The discounts offered vary throughout the year. You can sign up here.

The Jane Austen Book Club synopsis is as follows:

“Six Californians start a club to discuss the works of Jane Austen. As they delve into Austen’s literature, the club members find themselves dealing with life experiences that parallel the themes of the books they are reading.”

NOTE: The streaming services listed above are subject to change. The information provided was correct at the time of writing.

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