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Jana Kramer gets baptized in emotional video

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Jana Kramer had a weekend to remember.

The country singer and actress, 38, shared an emotional video on Sunday from her baptism ceremony, which took place earlier that day.

"I don’t have the words yet … I will … but for now … 'In the name of Jesus there is healing,'" Kramer captioned the video, along with the hashtags #Faith and #Baptism. In the video, Kramer can be seen entering a church service as a band performs on a stage. Wearing black cotton leggings and a T-shirt that reads "anything is possible," Kramer walks in and kisses her daughter, Jolie, before climbing into a small pool of water set up on the stage.

Covering her face with her hands, Kramer appears extremely emotional in the footage, which shows her being dunked back in the water as the crowds breaks into into wild applause.

Kramer's baptism was applauded by several friends, including Olympian Shawn Johnson East, who commented, "YES MAMA YES!!! I’m so proud of you!!!" Other friends joined in with congratulations, noting how emotional the moment seemed.

Kramer later shared more photos of the experience.

"This is my battle cry," she wrote. "This is the day I stopped walking alone. The beauty is ... I was never alone. He was always walking with me … I just didn’t think I deserved that. If I’m honest I didn’t know how to trust it or if I could trust it at all. Looking up to a 'father figure' with my past was hard to believe or have comfort in. I didn’t think he would stay. That he wouldn’t hurt me. So I pushed God away for years. But last year in the brokenness and [quiet] moments alone, I realized I wasn’t truly alone. That HE was there. That HE never left. God was just waiting for me to come to him. And I have … and today I made my faith public and it feels really good to know no matter what happens next on this journey of life, HE is next to me walking with me. God is walking with you too through all the good and bad times, so let HIM in. I hope this encourages someone to take that next step because you aren’t alone."

Earlier this month, Kramer shared on Instagram that she's got a new love in her life following her divorce from former NFL player Mike Caussin, with whom she shares two children. The singer and actress is now seeing fitness trainer Ian Schinelli after being set up by Shawn Johnson East, People reported.

“Sometimes you just have to stop fighting it and listen to your heart,” she captioned photos of herself and Schinelli, which showed the couple cuddling on the beach, enjoying a kiss and cooking together. “I don’t know what the future holds and honestly who does.”

She added, “Every day I continue to heal and I know there is still lots of work to do, but damn it feels really nice to find happiness along the way. To find someone who doesn’t look at your scars as a challenge or problem but rather helps you hold them and stands there to encourage you with love, strength and empathy along the way.”

In September, Kramer told Yahoo Life that she's "thriving" on her own, and that she's never been prouder of herself than in the present.

"Because the things that I've been able to do, the anxieties that I've been able to overcome, the voices in my head that I've been able to overcome, the challenges of the divorce — I didn't think I was strong enough to ever get through that," Kramer explained. "That's why I stayed for as long as I did. I never thought that I could actually go through with it and be strong and be alone. I never thought I could be alone. And now I'm thriving in being alone. I'm thriving in just doing what I want and it's been really cool. I am proud of myself. I've never really looked at it that way, but yeah, I am, because I didn't think I could ever do it."