Jana Kramer Admits She's 'Terrified' at Prospect of Blending Families with Her New Boyfriend

Jana Kramer
Jana Kramer

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer is sharing her thoughts on the idea of blending families with her new beau.

While discussing Jennifer Lopez's recent comments about blending families with husband Ben Affleck on her iHeartRadio podcast, Whine Down, Kramer admitted she's "terrified" to blend families with her boyfriend, whose identity she has yet to reveal.

Kramer — who shares son Jace Joseph, 4, and daughter Jolie Rae, who turns 7 next week, with ex Mike Caussin — noted that her boyfriend is a dad himself and hasn't met her kids.

"I've done a really good job at not introducing the kids to people. And obviously they haven't met the new boyfriend. Having said that, the boyfriend and I are talking about future things," she shared.

"And in my mind, I'm like, it makes me excited and it also makes me scared for — you just never know, right? And with kids, I don't want them to be in a place where their ground is not as steady as possible. Like I want them to be so secure, solid foundation, and I'm in charge of that."

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Jana Kramer Christmas with Kids
Jana Kramer Christmas with Kids

Jana Kramer/instagram

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"Sure, I want to believe in this true love. There's this side of me, one side of me is like 'love of my life, I'm so excited. I'm going to get married and I'm gonna have a family.' There's that piece."

"And the other side is 'Jana be real, things happen. This can happen again, oh my gosh.' And so those doubts and fears kind of creep in," she added.

"And then always my concern — I don't care about me, my heart's been broken a million times, I can deal with another broken heart — my kids, that's a different story. They're older now, they understand more now."

Noting that her boyfriend has "older" kids, she said, "That's another piece too, because I'm like, 'are you sure what you're signing up for?' You're coming into a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old, they're my world."

jana kramer
jana kramer

jana kramer / instagram Jana Kramer and her kids

Kramer opened up about co-parenting with her ex during her appearance on Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk in October, noting, "Even now, as long as we don't talk about us and our relationship, we're great."

"But how rude is that though, that they make divorced people co-parent?" she asked, to which Jada Pinkett SmithAdrienne Banfield Norris and guest host Sheree Zampino all laughed.

"You know what I mean? We got divorced for a reason," she added.

When Zampino noted that she and ex-husband Will Smith "are better as co-parents than we were at husband and wife," Kramer nodded, adding, "that's how it's shaping up to be with me and my ex."